Artist of The Week: Hockey

Courtesy of Google Image SearchBerthold Auerbach’s quote, “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” can describe Hockey, the Artist of the Week. While listening to Hockey, you will be refreshed by their energetic music.

Hailing from Portland, Hockey is a fun band that combines the sounds of early indie rock (such as The Strokes) and music from the late 80s. Their music has a very optimistic sound, which combined with some very catchy choruses, continually tempts you to sing along.

Their CD, Mind Chaos, was released Oct. 6, 2009 and consists of 11 songs. These songs are all great and will put you in an energetic mood. The opening song, “Too Fake” presents Hockey’s funky sound in all its glory, forming an arresting statement of intent that is quite obviously stated with the lyrics, “I’ve got too much soul for you, and it’s breaking my heart in two!” The song “3Am Spanish” is a tumble of narcotic imagery and disco.

The best song on Mind Chaos (hands-down) is “Song Away.” It is an incredibly memorable song about songs, referring to “Roxy Music” and “80s grooves.” If one looks at the meaning behind the lyrics, one can assume that the song is about the hope of tomorrow. As Hockey enthusiastically sings, “Tomorrow’s just a song away.” Also if you are in the mood for a good laugh, watch the music video.

Hockey will be performing at Emo’s in Austin April 2, so be sure to join us and check them out live.

If you are in the mood to be refreshed and re-energized, then Hockey is the band to put you in that mood.

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  1. Sarah Wolters says:

    Saw Hockey in Santa Fe last night. They were absolutely “refreshing”. I’m so glad to see my old school’s little newspaper is: 1)online and 2)writing about good music. Excellent work.

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