Brush Up On Your Greek Life Knowledge

Greek Letters.  Courtesy of Google Images

Greek Letters. Courtesy of Google Images

Think Greek Life is all about superficiality, rampant sexuality and getting wasted every weekend? You’re WRONG. Brush up, Southwestern University students, and take the time to learn some Greek.
This sophomore journalist decided to go on a three week journey through the process of what it’s like to go through Rush Week at SU. (No, not like on the TV show “Greek” where Jen K exposed all the dirty little secrets of every house for a national publication. I just shoved a camcorder in people’s faces and asked them questions.)

The results weren’t what I expected, but they were certainly what I wanted to see.

Southwestern University students like to claim we’re different. We like to claim we’re special in a number of ways, like how we are charitable and wholesome. We like to claim that because of our small school status, everything we do is done differently (and better) than it would be at a large school like oh, I don’t know, UT.

While this may or may not be true in all of our endeavors, it’s difficult to deny that Greek Life is pretty unique here.

“When I first got to this campus, I didn’t think I would want to join a sorority, just because of a lot of the stereotypes based on what Greek Life can be sometimes at big schools and what I’d heard about that. But, after getting here, and I guess having a semester of meeting the people who were actually in Greek Life here, I just realized it was a lot different,” said sophomore and active member of Zeta Tau Alpha, Anna Malone.

“It just kind of dawned on me that this was family,” first-year Winston Myers said of his first impressions. “This was more people that I could come to when I needed help, and they would help me. It’s really great to have that when you’re out on your own and figuring your own stuff out.”

It was this sense of brotherhood and sisterhood that drew so many people to the idea of joining, even if Greek life hadn’t appealed to them when they first arrived at SU.

“I wouldn’t consider myself a frat guy by any means at all. To see that guys who were like me could live that way was really cool,” said Myers.
While Greek Life does tend to take up a good majority of any free time that a heavy Southwestern University workload ever allows, pledges and actives don’t seem to mind the time commitment. Across the board, everyone is always happy to donate their time and effort for their respective houses.
“It gives you an outlet at Southwestern, because it’s so academically difficult,” said sophomore and active member of Delta Delta Delta, Sarah Chatfield. “It makes all the difference in the world to have some social outlet. Even though a lot of our events are mandatory, it’s fun to do, so it’s kind of just a way to get involved and have fun doing it.”

Whether you’re interested in extending your social network, finding like minded people of faith or increasing your philanthropy opportunities, Greek

Life at Southwestern University has something to offer every single student on campus – whether they’re aware of it or not.

Web Ed. Note: And here is the titillating footage we promised!

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