New White House Strategy + Quick Hits


It continues to snow in Washington, and temperatures tonight will be in the teens. I am SNOver this.

Snow HouseDuring WH Press Briefings, Obama and Press Sec. Gibbs relentlessly referenced the importance of working together, ending “petty political games”, or “doing what’s best for the American People” . It’s not just talking though. Since the State of the Union, Obama has attended a public Q & A session with Republicans, held a closed door/ bipartisan meeting with Members of Congress, urged Congress to form a committee on the budget, and has scheduled a bipartisan meeting on Health Care reform for later this month.

It’s an interesting move by the White House–particularly because they know it probably won’t “work”. Republicans have set new standards for obstinacy; blocking routine federal nominations of well respected and qualified candidates. For example: yesterday a nomination for the National Labor Board was held up (as it has been since April) by Republicans. Senator Pat Leahy said he had “never seen anything like it”, while he and others in the Senate are beginning to advocate reform of filibuster rules in light of this unprecedented behavior.

If Republican Members of Congress can’t even cross the lines to appoint mundane and routine federal positions, how can they be expected to cross the lines and contribute to the passage of health care, climate change, or economic legislation? The answer is– they can’t. What the White House is trying to do is put Republicans in a corner, in order to make it even more obvious that they aren’t doing what’s best for the American people.

I saw an article written by Lane titled “Who Killed Healthcare Reform.” I haven’t read the article yet (I will shortly) but I want to throw this point out there:

Republicans had control of the White House and Congress for nearly a decade. How much talk did you hear of health care reform during those years? The Republicans say they have all these fantastic ideas that would provide Universal coverage at no cost (yes, someone actually said that during Obama’s Q&A session). Where was this and other plans in 2005, 2003, or any of the past 8 years? Non-existent, just like today.What exists now is obstructionism and petty politics.There is ZERO interest on the Republican side to compromise.

Hopefully, these sad truths will be exposed by the White House’s latest strategy.

Here are some other quick hits:

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich asserted that Richard Reid (shoebomber) was an American citizen. FALSE, he was British. We still read him Miranda rights.

Sarah Palin had cribnotes on her hand for her Tea Party Q&A with audience. She wrote the words “tax, energy, budget, and lift American Spirit” on her hands. How the hell do you need to write down that shit at a Tea Party convention? I could have gone in there and memorized those lame-ass talking points. Good God, there aren’t even words to describe how stupid that woman is.

Republicans are starting to get called out on stimulus hypocrasy. That is, condemning the Stimulus on the one hand, then eagerly taking credit for projects that succeed in their district BECAUSE OF STIMULUS FUNDS on the other.

That’s all I got for right now


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