All My Single Ladies, Gentlemen & Couples

220279254_17c20cbec5Valentine’s Day is almost upon us once again.  I try to embrace it every year.  I make cookies.  I buy valentines and eat unhealthy amounts of candy colored with red dye number five.  Some years I get bunches of roses or balloons and other years the highlight of my holiday is that my parents didn’t talk to each other before sending out the valentines. (each send me a card with both of their names signed and my sister gets nothing.)

But this year I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and find a different source of entertainment and giddiness for the holiday.  So, for all my single ladies & gentlemen, and even the coupled, here are my top ten Valentine’s activities for Austin…

1. Hula Hut—Thursday February 11 96.7 KISS FM is throwing a single’s mixer with some great margaritas and drink specials 6:00-10:00pm.  The morning show host Bobby Bones is supposed to be there and he looks like a real life version of Adam Brody.  And I love me some Adam Brody…

2. Alamo Drafthouse—Monday February 15.  As previously mentioned in my first blog, Macho Mondays at Alamo hosts Scorsese’s The Departed.  I would suggest hitting up the candy aisles in the grocery store where everything is half off from the already past holiday and sneaking in lots of candy.  It might be best to bring a large purse, or conveniently, a female who carries a large purse, so that you have the optimum amount of candy for your movie going experience.  Don’t eat it first, though, because Alamo has a great menu for the meal portion of your ‘dinner and a movie’.

3. Valloween—Saturday, February 13.  A Kappa Sigma tradition loved by SU, Valloween provides a perfect backdrop to have a good time.  Slutty leftover Halloween costumes, plenty of good drinks, and a more than crowded frat house provide an environment that is not for the faint of heart.

4. Dear John Movie— I just saw the trailer to this movie today, and while I do think Nicolas Sparks’ stories are the cheesiest, a little bit of cheese for Valentine’s Day might work.  (Plus the movie by this romantic holiday’s name has Taylor Swift in it and I’ve never had a burning desire to see her act.) Dear John stars a daydream worthy Channing Tatum and the increasingly popular and ever-surprising Amanda Seyfried.

5. Movie marathon—Rent or Netflix some of the best romances.  My personal favorites and suggestions from AFI’s top 100 movies…

True Classics:


An Affair to Remember

A Star is Born (Judy Garland version)

The Way We Were

The Quirky:

When Harry Met Sally

Harold and Maude

The Graduate

Lars and the Real Girl

New Classics:

Sleepless in Seattle



The Notebook

6. Bake Treats—Easily done in your own apartment, try baking for your sweetie or your friends.  Cookie cutters, cute bags and ribbon are only a few bucks at HEB.  Or you can even go for the pre-made sugar cookie dough with the red heart in the middle by Pillsbury.

7. Haunted House—Friday 12- Sunday 14 7pm-midnight. The ‘House of Torment’ is usually only open on Halloween, but for this weekend they will reopen to host a haunted house based on the Valentine’s day holiday.  523 Highland Mall Blvd.

8. Live Romantic Comedy—Sunday, February 14 at 8:00pm. The Hideout Theatre in Austin.  An Improv troupe will be hosting a comedy night that includes flowers, chocolate and an actual cupid… Provides for a slightly less conventional Valentine’s date.

9. Retribution Gospel Choir—Stubb’s February 11 at 9:00pm.  A trio playing, thankfully, in the indoor venue of Stubb’s.  The band’s received a lot of buzz around Austin for their unique style and incredible rock covers, though I can’t personally attest to this.   Best to check them out yourself!  Tickets are $10.

10. Seclusion— Forget this holiday.  Order in a pizza from Craiggo’s in Wolf Ranch or Papa John’s.  Watch a movie that has a lot of shooting and violence, perhaps The Godfather.   Don’t look at anything pink or red and for good measure, insist that no one calls you.     Just stuff your face and think bitter thoughts about how greeting card companies and corporate America made up this stupid holiday.  (And how a fat baby in a diaper shooting arrows is creepy.)

To all the night owls, enjoy your Valentine’s weekend, and thanks to the Brown Symposium, your potentially free Thursday & Friday.  (Don’t pretend that you’re going to every lecture… we both know you’re not.)

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  1. J August says:

    I like the article a lot. You mentioned ‘ritas at Hula Hut, any chance that we will see a best margarita list before the end of the year?

  2. Molly Rice says:

    I think a blog on the best drinks in Austin is just what’s needed. Expect it before spring break. ;)

  3. Dammit!
    I just entered a long and comprehensive comment, but when I hit the submit button my FireFox did something really weird.
    Did you get it or do I need to redo it?

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