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Celebrities and Philanthropy

Hollywood: Land of opulent wealth and angelic do-gooders looking to make a change for the better in the world. (Wait. What?) While not all celebrities are as good and as pure as Oprah when it comes to philanthropic endeavors, every … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Summit and what may be next

You may have heard that President Obama was once a Professor at University of Chicago Law School. After Thursday’s 7 1/2 hour summit, it looked like he never actualy retired. Continue reading

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Nineties Nostalgia

I am proud to be a child of the nineties. There was nothing more enjoyable than walking home everyday after school and watching Arthur, Pinky and the Brain, and Rocko’s Modern Life as I listened to NSYNC during the commercial … Continue reading

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Snow Day Photo Gallery

Photos from the snow day that occurred this last Tuesday. Continue reading

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Dornon’s Index 2/25

2-3 – inches of snow this week in Georgetown. 325 – the number of Hummers sold in December 2009. A lot – the amount of people that all of a sudden care about figure skating. 5th – heart attack that … Continue reading

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Republican candidates in review

With the Republican gubernatorial primary on March 2, the race is beginning to heat up. Currently, there are three contenders – Rick Perry, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and Debra Medina. Perry, the governor of Texas since 2000 when he took over … Continue reading

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Change in store for musical landmark

The Cactus Café, a music venue established in the University of Texas student union in 1979, barely seats 150 people. The stage, backed by a quaint, red velvet curtain, is somewhat cramped (much like the rest of the space), but … Continue reading

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Some capstones dressed to impress

When students begin their academic careers here at Southwestern, they know in the back of their minds that the senior capstone project is looming in their future. The senior capstone is the big project that each student must complete in … Continue reading

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SU Hosts peace conference after years of hard work

If you are sick of folks north of Dallas not knowing where Southwestern University is, fret no more: We’re going national. This weekend, Feb. 26-28, Southwestern University is hosting the 2010 National Student Peace Alliance, welcoming approximately 500 students from … Continue reading

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SU Hosts Doctor who helped eradicate small pox

Have you ever had smallpox or known anyone this day in age who has? For the majority of people, that answer is no. We owe that partially to the speaker at this year’s Shilling Lecture, epidemiologist, Dr. William H. Foege. … Continue reading

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Tea Party or Tea Baggers?

The Tea Party, at first, seemed to emerge out of nowhere. Initially, it was just groups of people getting together to protest the stimulus package/bailout that came out of our government. They didn’t see themselves as one coherent movement, but … Continue reading

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Korouva Milk Bar: for students, by students

The Korouva Milk Bar opened up this year, as it does every year, with the action-packed Korouva March, and has since held several events, like the Amoeba Draw, Cooper-Street Improv Shows, Strategic Plan meetings and parties both big and small … Continue reading

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