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The Historicity Of Jesus

Hey there. I’m Ryan McDermott and I don’t think I need any introduction. However, I think my blog does. Basically every week I will write a skeptic’s column about the misguided beliefs people have. These will most likely include everything … Continue reading

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SS or SU? What has this debate come to?

Is invoking the Holocaust the right way to have a debate? Continue reading

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Honor Code Cracked: Students Question Effectiveness

“I have acted with honesty and integrity in producing this work and am unaware of anyone who has not.” In every classroom at Southwestern University, a student can only glance upwards and see these 19 words plastered all over the … Continue reading

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Cool Beans: Discovering Coffee Beyond Starbucks

In Ancient China, the Forbidden Palace was a sacred place reserved for the Imperial family and high priests who forged the destiny of the empire. Today, there is a Starbucks in the center of it. All the culture of China … Continue reading

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Guest Artists Speak About Feminism and Performance

Guest artists Abbie Conant and William Osborne will be visiting Southwestern Jan. 26-28. While on campus, they will speak about the European salon movements and their role in the development of feminism and other forms of egalitarianism. The talk will … Continue reading

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Career Services Plans Multiple Events for The Spring

Have you stopped by Career Services lately? You’ve seen the campus notices, you’ve seen the fliers, and on occasion you’ve heard the elusive rumor that Career Services helped someone place a job after college, but what have you done with … Continue reading

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It’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Drive!

It’s peanut butter jelly time! The Catholic Student Association (CSA) at Southwestern University is inviting students to participate in a peanut butter and jelly drive on campus to assist the elderly in need. “[The idea for the drive] started when … Continue reading

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Georgetown Library Presents "A Reason to Remember"

While the Georgetown Public Library is reputed to provide a pleasant change of scenery for many Southwestern students during busy weeks of study, little are we aware that the library also serves to host various intellectual exhibits every month. A … Continue reading

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A Preview Of The Upcoming Angela Davis Talk

American democratic socialist, political activist, former Black Panther, Civil Rights Movement activist, twice Vice Presidential Communist Party USA candidate, founder of Critical Resistance, feminist and retired professor with the History of Consciousness Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz, … Continue reading

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Arenas Gun Incident: No Joke

On Jan. 6, the Washington Wizards’ Gilbert Arenas turned 28 years old. However, the least of his concerns are getting another year older. On what should have been a day for celebration, Arenas was indefinitely suspended by the NBA for … Continue reading

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Athlete Spotlight: Staley Mullins

Southwestern women’s basketball is making a stand this season with a 4-3 record in conference play. Two conference games were won this past weekend against Oglethorpe and Sewanee. The powerful duo of juniors Staley Mullins and Shae Seagraves posted 48 … Continue reading

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Southwestern To Purchase Only Wind Energy

This past Tuesday, the Georgetown City council met to confirm a decision that would allow Southwestern to purchase all of its electricity from renewable resources, specifically wind power, which is produced in West Texas by American Electric Powers (AEP). The … Continue reading

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