Students Anticipate Holiday Happenings

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The weather is cooling down (slightly), the sun is setting sooner, the leaves are starting to fall, and the stress of finals is kicking in – it must be nearing the end of the fall semester here at Southwestern. But amongst all of the crazy study habits, the copious amounts of caffeine consumed, and the sleepless nights associated with the end of the year, there is a small light at the end of the tunnel and that light just happens to go by the name of “Winter Break.” While some students tend to dread going home for the holidays and settling into family gatherings, there are some joys to heading home, where ever that may be, and taking a break from all the stress at school.

Since there can be mixed feelings towards the holiday break, I talked to several students to get their perspectives on the break and find out what the best parts of heading home were.

First-year, Sarah Bond, doesn’t have to travel too far to return home. She’s from Austin. When asked what her plans were for winter break, she shrugged and said “working.” She also didn’t seem too disappointed when she told me she wouldn’t be traveling to see her family out-of-state this year. What will she miss most about SU while she’s away? Her friends, of course! And who can blame her? Working versus hanging out with friends? No competition.

Sophomore Kat Daniel will be traveling just as far back home for the break. She is excited to be heading home and has lots of events to celebrate. Her boyfriend and her brother are graduating from college. She is also looking forward to sleeping in late and spending time with friends and family.

“I will, of course, miss my favorite roommate ever, Lauren Rundell,” she said.

Natalie Thaddeus, a junior here, has a very hectic holiday break planned. With family in McAllen, San Antonio and College Station, she will be spending a ton of time driving around. “The highlight of my break will be my family’s annual trip to Big Bend National Park to camp with some family friends,” Thaddeus said.

She is also excited to go home and spend time with her family since she will be leaving for Mali, Africa in January for her study abroad program.

Senior Angela Lumpkin is also very excited to be heading home for the break. She is headed home to Lampasas to see her family and friends. She will be working some during the beginning of break.

“The most exciting part about heading home will be the prospect of traveling to see my friend in Belize,” said Lumpkin.

What a variety of plans! I’m sure everyone will be grateful for the break and the chance to catch up with loved ones, hometowns and sleep.

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