Hype Surrounding "New Moon" is Insane but Well-Deserved

New Moon PosterEven if you are not a fan or want nothing to do with the “Twilight” saga, one thing is for sure: media surrounding the newest movie from the saga, “New Moon,” has received at least a minute portion of your attention if nothing else; mostly because you cannot change a channel on the television or flip through an internet news site (like Yahoo) without seeing some kind of promotion surrounding this film. It has already outsold the “Harry Potter” series as well as the “Star Wars” series in advance ticket sales. “New Moon” is everywhere, either in the form of its stars going on late night shows like Jay Leno, on the front of magazine covers or all over various stores like Wal-Mart of Target. The hype surrounding this film is absolutely insane. I cannot think of any other movie in my lifetime that has received this much attention prior to its release. Trailers of “New Moon” were floating around on the internet as early as this past summer. I had to buy my tickets for opening day nearly three weeks in advance. Again, the hype surrounding this film is insane. The question is, however, does this film deserve this much publicity? Was it worth it? Did it deliver everything (and more) its fans were expecting, hoping for? Definitely.

Do not get me wrong: “Twilight” was good. It had romance, a fraction of action, and various dilemmas sprouted throughout the film. It kept my attention and kept me wanting more, especially at the end of it. However, “New Moon” was even better; it had more romance, more action and the beginnings of a deep, tangled love triangle. Plus, it left me wanting the third movie even more than “Twilight” left me wanting “New Moon.” Usually, I do not care for sequels, trilogies or series for that matter. The original is always the best and none of the other films that follow compare or come close to doing it justice. I have been proved wrong. Sequels not only have the capability to stand alongside the original, they also have the capability to surpass their originals in terms of plot, character development, conflicts and resolutions. “New Moon” definitely did that.

Though I find it disturbing that I had to buy my tickets weeks in advance and that America media has become almost overwhelmed with “New Moon” propaganda, especially when there are much more important matters to be focusing on, I cannot help but fall in love with this series. They really bring the viewers into another world and it is simply fascinating and extremely entertaining. I expect the third film, “Eclipse,” will be even better than “Twilight” or “New Moon.” Additionally, I find the books to be even better than the films, at least so far. I am on the fourth book and cannot wait to finish. Of course, I may have “Twilight” saga withdrawals after I finish the fourth and realize that I will have to wait months, possibly years for the rest of the films to be released. In any case, I definitely recommend the books as well as the films. They are well worth your time.

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  1. loz5za says:

    new moon is the best one yet i was at te preimya andmet all the cast rpatz is hooot and soo kind omg best movie eva

  2. Reeneesme Cullen says:

    I Luph EJB :)

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