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Many Local Events Planned For Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again, the end of the fall semester when classes are wrapping up and finals are right around the corner. But don’t let that get you down because there are plenty of holiday themed events going on around campus and in the wider Georgetown/Austin area to give you a little holiday cheer. Continue reading

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Issues of Homelessness Present in Georgetown

Go into Austin on any given day and stop at a traffic light and you probably see a familiar sight. In the mid-afternoon heat stands one of the dozens of the city’s homeless people. Continue reading

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Water Discovery Makes Moon Possible Home

It is official, water has been found on the moon. Scientists announced in September that “a significant amount” of moon water was found and collected by the LCROSS (pronounced L-Cross), or the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite. Continue reading


Students Anticipate Holiday Happenings

The weather is cooling down (slightly), the sun is setting sooner, the leaves are starting to fall, and the stress of finals is kicking in – it must be nearing the end of the fall semester here at Southwestern. Continue reading

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McDermott's Top Five Christmas Songs

One of our writers write a list of five of his favorite Christmas songs. Continue reading

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Hype Surrounding "New Moon" is Insane but Well-Deserved

Even if you are not a fan or want nothing to do with the “Twilight” saga, one thing is for sure: media surrounding the newest movie from the saga, “New Moon,” has received at least a minute portion of your attention if nothing else. Continue reading

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Do Professors Violate the Student Handbook?

It has come to my attention that it seems that most professors are leaving most major assignments until the second half of the semester, when students are most stressed due to finals and to the increased intensity of courses. Continue reading

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Stupak Amendment Demonstrates Blue Dog Hypocrisy

Apparently the idea of tax money being used for things without universal support is a travesty to some people, instead of completely consistent with the idea of tax money being used at all. Continue reading

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Basketball Teams Off To A Hot Start

This past weekend the women’s basketball team hosted the Southwestern College Classic Basketball Tournament. Returning to campus still stuffed Friday after Thanksgiving, the team started off with La Grange College Panthers from La Grange, Georgia. Continue reading

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Student Discovers Meaning Of Life And Immediately Forgets

Last Friday before the Stoplight Party, an SU Philosophy major discovered the meaning of life but then forgot it after partying too hard. Continue reading

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At Southwestern: 12/3

At Southwestern is where you get a view of what’s happening on campus through the magical use of pictures. Submit pictures to! Continue reading

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