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The Artsy Events Happening On Campus

Ever wonder what kinds of fun, artsy things are going on around campus? Well, here is a list of events happening during the rest of the semester for you to check out. Continue reading

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Why Windows 7 Sucks and Is Evil

I am so disappointed. I was so excited to get my new shining copy of Windows 7, and then I installed it and well, what the hell, Microsoft? Continue reading


Alum Remininces On Southwestern Experience

Attending Southwestern was not my favorite life experience, but it was definitely a life changing one. Continue reading

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Feminism Studies Is Similar to Astrology

There are a lot of things in this world that are started with good intentions, but are completely misguided in all of their premises. Continue reading

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Foto Gallery Extravaganza

A big event that happened last week was Fun Fun Fun Fest. Here’s a smattering of photos taken by our Culture Editor, Whitney Laas. Trust us, it’s worth a click. Continue reading

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