Swimming Dives Into Season

Go Pirates SwimmingThis past weekend the Southwestern Swim Team started the conference season off with an impressive bang (corny sports pun intended).
Both the men and the women beat Austin College this past weekend in a meet that demonstrated their developed talents and embodied the optimistic outlook for the team this season.

Everyone really swam their best, it was a great meet? said Senior Jon LaRochelle.

The men won both relays and the women finished third in both. The men had 7 first place finishes in individual events while the women had two second place finishes in individual events, both from Junior Baily Thompson.

One who is not familiar with sports may consider the team’s intense practice schedule crazy.

But from a team that practices at 6 am during the school week, a blissful 7 am on Saturdays, and multiple other times that seemed too incredulous to even be put into text, it appears to be just part of the routine.

LaRochelle contributes the optimistic season to not just the rigorous (or ludicrous, depending on who you are) practice schedule, but also to the dedication of the individuals themselves and the new leadership brought in this year for the team.

It?s really a blend of the new coach, the schedule, and the individuals talents of the team members themselves. “It’s a cohesive effort,” LaRochelle notes.

This weekend, the team takes on yet another seemingly impossible task: two swim meets in opposite directions in two days.
Friday, the team will swim against McMurry and against rival Trinity on Saturday. The meet Friday is in Abilene while the meet Saturday is in San Antonio.

The Pirates do not host a meet until January 23, when they compete against University of Incarnate Word. That meet is slated for noon. Although mentioned, not without a bit of shall we say apprehension, of the (in this journalistic opinion) brutal competitive schedule, LaRochelle looks to this weekend with the consistent optimism present throughout the discussion of the team. This optimism seems to represent the team as a whole. But really, who isn’t optimistic about waking up before dawn to practice?

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