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House of Representatives Pass Health Care Reform Bill

Late Saturday night, Nov. 7, the House of Representatives passed what may become the defining piece of legislation regarding social policy this century- President Obama’s health-care reform bill. The H.R. 3962, otherwise known as the Affordable Health Care for America Act, made it through the House in a vote of 220 to 215. Continue reading

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Student Body Forum Presents Strategic Plan

Tuesday, Southwestern’s Student Congress hosted a town hall meeting to discuss the University’s 2010 Strategic Plan. The University appointed a Commission on Planning and Action that was made up of students, faculty, staff and more in January 2009 to decide what direction of the university would be for the next 10 years. Continue reading

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Season of Giving Inspires Angel Tree Adoptions

During the holidays, it can be easy to get caught up in all of the festivities and excitement and forget about those who are less fortunate. But each year, the sisters of Sigma Phi Lambda, aka Phi Lambs, host an event called Angel Tree. Continue reading

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College Board Introduces BEER

After years of receiving complaints for ineffective prediction, the College Board has revised the SAT to feature, what CEO Gaston Caperton calls, “a totally awesome set of predictors for college success.” This Monday the company introduced the new test called BEER, “Better and more Effective Evaluation of Reasoning,” which features drinking tests, beer-pong skills assessments and dancing contests. Continue reading


Rihanna Exploting Her Abuse to Garner Publicity For Her Album Release?

Rihanna recently released her album “Russian Roulette.” This would have passed as uneventfully as most CD releases generally go, except that this was no ordinary release. Continue reading

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Men's Cross-Country Finishes 10th At Regionals

This year, the cross country DIII South/Southeast Regional race was held in the beautiful state of North Carolina. A land inhabited with luscious vegetation and pacifying Bluegrass makes for a pretty picnic in Greensboro. Continue reading

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Good Sportsmanship: A Rarity, But it Exists

What is the place of sportsmanship in our culture today? We all were required to participate in some form of sports from a young age, in P.E. class, if nothing else. Continue reading

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Some Tips and Tricks to Stress Relief

I am not going to lie: being a college student has been one of the most difficult parts of my life. Though I have learned a great deal and would not trade my experience for anything, this one fact remains: college life is stressful. Continue reading

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Are You Interested in Learning About Other Cultures?

If you answered “yes”, the Global Expo next week might be of interest to you. The Expo, sponsored by SU International Club, will showcase different countries and cultures around the world. Continue reading

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Tobias Wolff: A Profile

Author and Stanford Professor Tobias Wolff spoke Tuesday evening, Nov. 5, for this year’s Writer’s Voice event. Entitled “Saved by Stories: This Writer’s Life,” Wolff discussed how the events in his life, from boyhood to his return from the war in Vietnam, and up to his present experience as a professor, led him to become the talented writer he is today. Continue reading

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Theatre for Young Audiences Presents Pinnochio

Although sometimes it may be tough to bring back childhood memories, there are some you just can’t go wrong with- – like Pinocchio. Continue reading

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At Southwestern: 11/19

At Southwestern is the new weekly Megaphone Online feature that presents a pictoral scene of what has been going on at SU through the eyes of our photographers. You can contribute too! Email with your photos! Continue reading

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