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Paradise Found in the Georgetown Farmers Market

On Thursday afternoons, you will find a bustling throng of vendors in San Gabriel Park, just across from Bob’s Catfish. Fresh, locally-grown produce, honey, jellies, beef, granola and baked goods are offered weekly from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. by the Georgetown Farmers Market Association. Continue reading

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Writer Weighs on On Teenage Murder

Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe the old adage “boys will be boys,” especially when you look at the handful or so of cases in which a child is accused of murder. Continue reading

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Obama and His Broken Promises

President Obama’s campaign slogan “Change” brought along with it many promises. Promises that people expected would change the way the United States works in terms of economic policies, foreign policy and education. “Change” was so successful because of its ambiguity, and many individuals took it as a promise to put an end to all of George W. Bush’s policies. Continue reading

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Shows in Different Area Codes

Whether you’re sticking around campus or getting the hell out of Dodge, there are Fall Break shows across the state worth checking out. Continue reading

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Texas Football is Lackluster

Are you ready for some football? Well, it’s here like it or not. Continue reading

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Grants Available to Fund Student Projects

From individuals to organizations to entire academic departments, Southwestern University runs on an immense money exchange, both internally and externally, though the majority of students on campus are left in the dark (and economic hole). Many of the academic departments on campus are making use of grants to supplement their dwindling budgets due to the shrinking endowment this last year Continue reading

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Key to Campus Safety is Constant Vigilance

Wake up students of Southwestern University: you’re not indestructible. Murders don’t just happen to strangers at other colleges. Continue reading

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Professors Earn Grant for Research

Juniors and seniors in the uppermost level of their studies here at Southwestern University will heavily benefit from the purchased equipment. Continue reading

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Heathens Celebrate Winter Finding

September 22 marked a very successful Winter Finding ceremony on the SU campus, led by Michael Espinoza, a first year and practicing Heathen. Continue reading

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Austin City Limits! This Weekend!

Are you ready for overpriced parking, seven dollar beer and grassy stage-gazing at Zilker Park? Continue reading


Wake Up, America!

The good and mostly old, white men of Wall Street have been abused and harangued for far too long. After decades of oppression, government involvement and regulation forced them into a painful financial meltdown. Continue reading


Recession is Over

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