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Professors Do Cool Things Too: An Interview with Assistant Prof. Nick Courtright

In an effort to increase student awareness of professors doing hip activities in and outside of academia, I sat down with a guy who has interviewed MGMT and hung out backstage with Vampire Weekend and Bon Iver. Continue reading

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Dangerous Professor Delivered Dangerous Lecture

Dana L. Cloud, associate professor and Director of Graduate Studies at the Department of Communication Studies at University of Texas, will on campus Thursday, Oct. 22 to deliver “You Are a Scary Woman”: Framing the Enemy in Conservative Hate Mail, through the Fall 2009 Visiting Rhetorical Critics Series. Continue reading

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SU Students March For Equality in DC

While the students of Southwestern enjoyed their Fall Break last weekend, gay rights demonstrators marched in the streets of Washington, D.C. on Sunday. Continue reading

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"Where the Wild Things Are" Offers Introspection For Your Inner Child

Yet, when Oscar-nominated director Spike Jonze (“Adaptation” and “Being John Malkovich”) grabbed a hold of the beloved story, this children’s book transformed into a dark, introspective film that is made less for children and more for the child buried inside all of us. Continue reading

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Cross Country Heading To Conference

Fortunately, the team was able to re-schedule at the last minute, and traveled to Fayetteville, Arkansas to participate in the University of Arkansas Chili Pepper Cross Country Festival. Continue reading

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Republicans Are Bad Even For Other Conservatives

If there is any group of people that represents hatred, racism and stupidity better than the Islamofascists, it would have to be the Republican Party. Continue reading

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Texting Has Merits

OMG. R U GOING TO THE PRTY TONITE? ;) Continue reading

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George W. Bush Wins Nobel Peace Prize

It was announced Thursday that the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize would be awarded to former United States President George W. Bush. Continue reading

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Georgetown Project Offers Ways to Give Back

The Georgetown Project is a non-profit organization that serves as the lead advocate for young people in the Georgetown community. The program seeks to collaborate with the adult community to support the positive development of young people Continue reading

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Around Southwestern: 10/23/09

Around Southwestern is a Web-only feature showcasing the talents of our photographers…and our talents finding images on Google. This feature will tell you what happened this week, using pictures not used in the paper or web edition. If you wish to submit a picture, please email Continue reading

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SEAK Bins Promote Composting

Rotting vegetables and putrid fruit? Decomposition has never been so exciting. Continue reading

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What to Do For Fall Break

Fall Break is here and that means that a few days of fun and relaxation are on the way for many SU students. While some are going home to catch up with their family and take care of business and errands, many students are taking this time to explore other options. Continue reading