Southwestern Tennis Doing Excellent

At Southwestern University, there is no sport like Team Tennis. Doing it live in both the spring and fall semesters, the tennis team competes ardently against voracious opponents. At home, the tennis team intimidates their opponents with a sharp blue court (which I will call the “blue monster”). While on the road, they represent Southwestern with unparalleled style and grace.

On the road was where you could find our men’s tennis squadron last weekend. Taking on a variety of opponents at the ITA Regional Tournament, the Pirates fought hard and earned some solid victories. I caught up with tennis veteran CJ Esquivel after the matches came to a close.

Esquivel explained that the weekend went “AWESOME!” and he was really proud of his teammates. CJ and doubles partner Alex Lam faired particularly well, making it all the way to quarterfinals on Saturday where they fought hard but lost to rival Trinity.

“The team has a lot to build on,” Esquivel said.

In singles Alex Lam made short work of Daniel Jackson from Austin College, winning in two quick sets. Lam lost in a close match to McMurry, but his partner in doubles CJ Esquivel avenged his fallen brethren by clubbing McMurry’s Ben Giley.

There were some losses over the weekend. But the team remains highly optimistic because of their competiveness this weekend along with the return of big players Charles Prince and Dart Bebel this spring from semesters abroad.

Next weekend, the ladies hit the road to partake in their regional tournament in San Antonio. Outlook for 2009-2010 is good because six strong players, including all conference honorable mention stars Mary Pennington and Kelly Finn, return to the team. This weekend should be a good start for the women, who look to be focused and competitive.

Over the next year, I say watch out for Southwestern Tennis. The drive and focus seem to be there. If things come together we could see some fireworks. The players seem to be excited and determined. The talent is certainly there as well. What the team needs most of all is support. If you see a tennis player on the way to class give them a pat on the back and a good luck wish.

Come springtime, there should be plenty of home matches on the blue monster. For more information on the tennis team, go to or just ask a friend on the team. Otherwise, keep wearing yellow and Go Bucs!

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