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Campus Mourns Loss of Senior Kera Martin

Southwestern University senior Kera Danielle Martin, 22, of Rotan, Texas was killed Sunday, October 25 in a car accident near Winters while returning to campus from a weekend trip to visit family in Rotan, Texas. Continue reading

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At Southwestern: 11/6/2009

Want to submit a photo to At Southwestern? Please email! Continue reading

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Finch Society to Help Propsectives Decide

Southwestern has created a new program this year that is designed to enhance the experience of prospective students. Continue reading

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Phi Delta Theta Recieves Solar Panel

An 8-by-10 solar panel has been installed on the roof of their fraternity house to save money on electric bills and take a step toward being more environmentally aware. Continue reading


Haunted Jailhouse Scares Up Funding For Kids

This past Friday and Saturday, to get an early start on holiday season Brown Santa fundraising, the Sheriff’s Department utilized Halloween to combine fear, fun and charity. Continue reading


Obama doesn't care about Afganistan

President Obama has not announced a definitive strategy for handling the situation in Afghanistan. Continue reading

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Farmville: Cash Cow of a Distraction

For those who never played it, FarmVille is a game where you farm, harvest vegetables and apparently find cattle that wander onto your farm. Continue reading

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Lacrosse: First NCAA Varsity Game of the Year

Last Sunday, after 26 years of club play, the Bucs Lacrosse team took the field as a NCAA Varsity team. Continue reading

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A Profile on John Pipkin, SU English Professor and Novelist

John Pipkin, a Southwestern English professor, is having a decent year. Continue reading

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Concerned Parent Writes to Andrew Dornon

A concerned parent writes to our Humor Editor about the H1N1 vaccine. Continue reading


At Southwestern: 10/30/09

Another installment of our award-winning feature “At Southwestern” where we show you events that happen at Southwestern University and the world…by using images that were not used in the web version of our newspaper. If you have a picture you wish to include, feel free to email Continue reading

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Tri Delta's "Last Lecture" Spotlights Erik Loomis

It’s not every day that you get to hear a professor muse about whatever topic is most dear to them. Usually, they must stick to the syllabus and course material. However, the sorority Tri Delta put together an event last week which allowed Southwestern Professor of History, Erik Loomis, to discuss his deepest and most integral philosophy. Continue reading

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