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Gaming is Sexy

The digital gaming industry is more lucrative and progressive than often considered, with rapid technological innovations and evolving user demographics. Continue reading


What's Happening Around Campus?

A select handful of events that’s been happening around campus. Continue reading

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Volleyball Ready for 2009 Season

The Southwestern women’s volleyball team has soared over the net and into the 2009 volleyball season as smoothly as one of sophomore Lindsay Thompson’s powerful serves. Continue reading

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Facebook: Good Tool to Retain Relationships

Okay, so there’s a study that says that Facebook ruins relationships because it replaces the medium of being there with an actual person with textual communication over the internet. What complete and total crock. Continue reading

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Jon and Kate Plus Hate: Reality TV Gone Wrong

Coke or Pepsi? Democratic or Republican? Jon or Kate? Rhetorical questions, of course, but nonetheless very important. And if you do not know who Jon or Kate Gosselin are, what rock were you under and for how long? Continue reading

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Restaurant Turnover Offers New Choices

A surge of new small businesses has revitalized life in Georgetown Square, making it a more exciting spot for both Southwestern students and town residents alike. Several restaurants, including Jack in the Box, Galaxy Cupcakes, Yogo Bowl, and Monument Cafe, have opened new locations in the past year. Continue reading

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SU Admissions Pool Increases Over 500

The 2009-2010 entering class of first-years at Southwestern University is the highest number of enrolled first-years since 1998. While the size of this class is not significantly larger than other classes in the last ten years, Southwestern received the highest number of applications ever recorded for prospective students. Approximately 2,490 applications were received, up from 1,923 the year before. The large number of applications opens the possibility for enrolling more students each year – as well as different types of students – which could change the University in several areas. Continue reading

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SU-ACM Throws XBox Gaming Party

Though SU-ACM has remained fairly low-key on campus these past few years, they are kicking things off this semester by hosting an Xbox Gaming Party, sponsored by Dr. Bradley Jensen on behalf of Microsoft. This event will provide a setting for students interested in Computer Science to get to know each other, and to circulate interest in SU-ACM. Continue reading

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Chasing the Golden Snitch: Quidditch at SU

Two dozen students gathered outside the Corbin J. Robertson Center on Thursday in an attempt to coax the Southwestern athletic department into adopting quidditch as a sport. “I don’t think it’s a reach,” one student said, “especially since we just added lacrosse, and no one knows what that is. I mean, everyone knows what quidditch is.” Continue reading


Idiot's Guide to Austin Venues

Austin is home to a diverse live music scene, with more venues per capita than any other city in the nation. Slip on your dancing shoes and enter your attorney’s number in speed dial before driving down for a wild night in what is also known as The Towing Capital of The World. Continue reading


Soccer Team Kicks of Season With Victories

It’s soccer season at Southwestern. With several victories already under their belts, both the men and women’s soccer teams are starting off their 2009 seasons very impressively. Continue reading

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H1N1 Is Overhyped

SU students were recently informed about a pair of students infected with Type A influenza, also known as H1N1, and most commonly referred to as “Swine Flu.” Having recently returned to the US from the southern hemisphere, where countries were worst affected by this virus due to their winter season, I shrugged the email off as just another random fact of the day. Continue reading

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