SU-ACM Throws XBox Gaming Party

Interested in algorithms, programming, computer graphics or even gaming? Then Southwestern University’s Association of Computing Machinery, a.k.a. SU-ACM, is interested in you. SU-ACM is the official student organization for Computer Science majors and other students here at Southwestern University interested in the subject.

Though SU-ACM has remained fairly low-key on campus these past few years, they are kicking things off this semester by hosting an Xbox Gaming Party, sponsored by Dr. Bradley Jensen on behalf of Microsoft. This event will provide a setting for students interested in Computer Science to get to know each other, and to circulate interest in SU-ACM.

Lane Hill, the president of SU-ACM and primary organizer of the Xbox

Gaming Party, would like to see more activity within the club this year, and he has high expectations for the publicity aspect of this event.

“We’re hoping that the Xbox Gaming Party will attract a lot of Computer Science majors, and people interested in computing in general, to be interested in joining [SU-ACM],” Hill said.

The SU-ACM Xbox Gaming Party will be held on Saturday, Sept. 12, from 12:00 p.m. in the McCombs Ballroom, located on the second floor of theMcCombs Center. Delicious food, several Xbox consoles, and many different types of games will be provided, along with exciting door and tournament prizes that include Xbox and PC games – as well as other Microsoft software.

“There will definitely be something for everyone,” Hill said. “Furthermore, we will have two, maybe three, tournaments going on – probably Halo and Guitar Hero.”

Dr. Suzanne Buchele, associate professor of mathema tics and Computer

Sciences and faculty advisor for SU-ACM, encourages everyone to attend the event, whether you’re interested in Computer Science or not. Additionally, no Xbox or gaming experience is needed to participate. “Even if the students don’t want to compete in a tournament, they should still come and play,” Buchele said. “We will leave several Xboxes open for free play even during the tournaments, and Dr. Jensen is bringing a large selection of games.”

Sponsoring this event on behalf of Microsoft is Dr. Bradley Jensen, a Senior Academic Relationship Manager with Microsoft Corporation and occasional speaker at Southwestern for Computer Science events.

“[Dr. Jensen] thinks very highly of Southwestern and would like to be more involved here by hosting things like Xbox parties and speaking occasionally,” Buchele said. “He is very knowled geable about things such as current computer science and technology trends, and employment opportunities in math and science.”

In concurrence with the Xbox Gaming Party, Dr. Jensen will be on campus to present interested students with a lecture and information about upcoming student technology competition opportunities.

“Dr. Jensen will be speaking on Friday, Sept. 11, at 3:30 p.m., about computer and network security and will meet with students interested in the Imagine Cup, an international student competition sponsored by Microsoft, at 2 p.m.,” Buchele said. 95464 “Students can look for announcements in Campus Notices regarding locations for these events.”
For those who aren’t interested in playing video games, volunteer opportunities are still available for the Xbox Gaming Party.

“Volunteers can help out with equipment and security and keep track of the tournaments,” Hill said. “Volunteers do not need

insrsid10953818 to stay the entire time.”

Students interested in volunteering for the Gaming Party should contact Lane Hill.
The Xbox Gaming Party will provide an exciting atmosphere for students to gather and virtually kill people or make sweet music together, among other gaming topics and themes. Ultimatel y, the event will bring SU-ACM back into the public Southwestern sphere, giving Computer Science majors and avid gamers their time to shine on campus.

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  1. We held those parties in high school. Xbox, beer, friends, and a fast internet connection can really be a great time.

    Great article guys keep it up.

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