Chasing the Golden Snitch: Quidditch at SU

Two dozen students gathered outside the Corbin J. Robertson Center on Thursday in an attempt to coax the Southwestern athletic department into adopting quidditch as a sport. “I don’t think it’s a reach,” one student said, “especially since we just added lacrosse, and no one knows what that is. I mean, everyone knows what quidditch is.”

Quidditch, the sport made popular by the Harry Potter series, has taken off like a wizard on a broomstick, gaining international popularity as of late. The World Association of Quidditch, or WAQ, reported in July that membership in the group has risen from about ten thousand to an almost supernatural three hundred thousand following the success of the most recent Harry Potter movie adaptation. While some sports fans are still skeptical about calling quidditch a sport, others are warming up to the idea of seeing their kids going around on broomsticks throwing balls at each other.

“I think there is a lower risk of injury as compared to other rougher sports such as football and tennis,” one parent noted. “If my child has to suffer a beater to the eye rather than tennis elbow, so be it.”

There are a couple of factors that are stopping quidditch from becoming a full-fledged sport for the masses. For one, there is no clear set of rules for new leagues to follow. If one searches “quidditch” on any search engine, several websites will show different sets of rules. Another setback is the apparent lack of magic in our universe. Some may see this as a permanent obstacle to the success of quidditch, yet others see it as a temporary one.

“If everyone would just believe, it would come true,” one SU quidditch fan said. “Once we all believe, we can all achieve our goal, which is my boyfriend coming back to me. And quidditch.”

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