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Walk This Way – For Peace

On a pleasant evening in downtown Austin last Saturday, Sept. 19, about 80 Southwestern students and community members gathered to participate in the third annual Walk for Peace. At 5:30 p.m. participants holding signs and chanting encouraging words of peace started the mile long walk from the state capitol building on Congress Avenue, arriving at Austin City Hall on Cesar Chavez Street at 6 p.m. Once at City Hall, several speakers talked to participants about various forms of peace and protested against violence of all kinds. Continue reading

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A Preview of "Good Night Desdamona, Good Morning Juliet"

What do you get when you combine Shakespeare’s “Othello” and “Romeo and Juliet”? According to the theater department, the answer is “Good Night Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet.” Opening day is September 30” and the show runs through October 4 in the Jones Theater. Continue reading

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SU Garden Club Establishes Roots

Covered in dirt and in general good spirits on a Saturday morning at 10, the SU Garden Club is one happy group of gardeners. Continue reading

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Several Top Schools Join Open Access

Fortunately, some of the nation’s most prestigious universities have decided to share their scholarly investigations and findings with the rest of the world – for free. Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, MIT and U.C. Berkeley have made the Five-Member Compact, which aims to reduce the popularity of process fees that make scholarly publications less affordable. Continue reading

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Dan Brown Wows With New Literary Masterwork

Dan Brown, the acclaimed author of pseudo-mystery novels, recently released a new book Sept. 15, 2009, dubbed The Lost Symbol. Continue reading

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Time For Another French Film Festival

It’s that time of year again—time for the third annual Tournées Festival of French films. Continue reading


Environmentalism Versus User Friendliness

And yes, I do believe the new to go boxes are inferior than the old styrofoam. Continue reading

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Fluff News: Too Much Coverage over Celebrities Death?

While there may be a great deal of debate over which celebrities hold more “merit” in terms of influence (for instance, a pop star or a politician), there is no debate that excessive coverage of these deaths draws attention away from other, more pertinent public issues. Continue reading

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Bad Behaviour Yields Big Bucks

Let’s be honest, unsportsmanlike conduct is a cash cow. Guilty pleasure? Yes, please. Continue reading

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Updated Honor Code Is More Than Just Guidelines

Changes have been underway at Southwestern to try to maintain the integrity of the university’s long-standing Honor Code. The wording of the Honor Pledge was changed last year to give it broader authority, and now the governing body of the … Continue reading

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SU Continues to Attract Quality Faculty

Despite the distinct endowment decrease of the previous year, the hiring freeze put into place on campus last year did not and does not affect the faculty positions. Continue reading

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New Pirate Print System Costs Student

If you’ve been a student here at Southwestern for at least two weeks, then you have most likely discovered the wonderful place that is the 24-hour print lab, a room that you can go to at any hour to print the ridiculously long papers that professors expect you to read or the ten page assignments that they ask you to complete. Best of all, the paper that you print on isn’t bought with your own credit card, but is freely supplied by the school. But is it really free? Continue reading

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