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Face-Off: Obama Fires GM CEO; Fascism or Economic Recovery?

Staff Writers Robertson & Dornon battle it out over whether or not the government was overstepping its bounds. Continue reading

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New Data Reveals That Leese Actually a Nice Guy, Not Perverted Felon

The Megaphone has recently obtained documents from an anonymous source that reveals that many of our past allegations against Dean of Students Dr. Mike Leese were erroneous. Continue reading

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Take Green to the Extreme: Stop Breathing

I scream. You scream. We all scream for green extreme. Continue reading

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Poetic Thoughts on the Color Purple, Boze-Style

Purple is my favorite colour. Continue reading

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Schrum Caught Ridin' Dirrty

Last weekend, SUPD arrested University President Schrum after they caught him riding dirrty. Continue reading

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Farewell, Sports Section

It is my duty to inform you with the saddest of hearts that your beloved Megaphone will no longer be able to provide you with updates about the going-ons in the Southwestern sports world. Continue reading

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The Pope: Condoms Don't Stop AIDS, but Jesus Will

Pope Benedict XVI can place another knot on his robe for the amount of people he has officially angered. Continue reading

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