Murder Mystery Ball Sure to Mystify

mmb.jpg Just another typical Saturday night at Southwestern; rubbing elbows with some of the biggest names in Hollywood before the Academy Awards, celebrating everybody’s Oscar nomination and nervous dreams of winning that famous gold bald man. You’re having a fabulous time at the pre-party, and you find yourself talking to all of the famous Hollywood names both on-screen and off.

All of a sudden, during all of the excitement of the evening’s festivities, a murder occurs! Who did it? Was it the artsy director? Maybe it was the greedy producer! Or it could have been that snobby starlet who secretly nobody likes. But, was it possibly the self-absorbed male star? Yeah… it was probably him. Or could it possibly have been somebody else at the pre-party?

Ok, so maybe that’s not a typical Saturday night at Southwestern, but on Saturday May 2 at 8 p.m., it could be for you. Southwestern’s nationally award-winning Mock Trial team is holding their second annual Murder Mystery Ball.

At this event the participants get to watch a fake murder take place, talk to everybody around them and take careful notes, and hopefully discover who the murderer at the party was.

Anybody who successfully discovers the identity of the murderer is entered into a raffle drawing to win a secret prize at the end. Mock Trial members recommend questioning everybody’s motives, taking good notes and focusing on investigating every suspect.

Whoever goes doesn’t only get the opportunity to solve an interesting crime, but also gets to watch a mini-performance in order to get the background of the evening and characters his tory’s. As Mock Trial Captain Sarah Gould said, “Mock Trial team members are the actors, so all the audience has to do is sit back and watch as the scenes are acted out before them.”

The evening has so much more than just the opportunity to use your wit to solve a murder. While at the Murder Mystery Ball, you can enjoy music and dancing, very delicious desserts, time with friends, and even a bar. The Mock Trial’s mocktail bar featured Roy Rogers and Shirley Temples at last year’s event.

One of the most frequently cited reasons for enjoying the Murder Mystery Ball is the opportunity to pull out some finery for a rare opportunity to dress up for a evening out.

During last year’s event, many people showed up in suits, dresses and accessories styled from the 1940s since it took place during the time period of World War Two.

This year’s participants will dress up for a night at the Academy Awards, with attire being described as “Hollywood semi-formal” by Gould.

Sophomore Rachel Freeman attended the Murder Mystery Ball last year and had a blast. She encourages everybody to go this year.

As she said about her experience at last year’s event, “I’m normally not the type of person who likes getting dressed up for things, so I wasn’t planning on going to the Murder Mystery Ball at all last year. But then, due to my desire to support my friends as well as cure my boredom for the night, I changed my mind at the last minute and went.”

Freeman continues, “I’m really happy I did go though, because I had a blast that night! The whole concept of watching a play go on around you is incredibly cool, and being in costume just adds to the overall effect. I actually ended up enjoying being dressed up!”

“Honestly, I can’t think of one specific thing I liked more than another. The whole experience was just fun. Genuine, down to earth fun. I loved seeing my friends who had never acted before, suddenly take on the roles of the most absurd characters, complete with accents and fully developed personalities that they had to keep up for the entire night.”

Freeman adds, “The food was good, the decorations were awesome, I was never bored because the audience was really a part of the play itself, and we all got some pretty priceless photos out of it!”

Junior Elizabeth Ferrick is attending the ball for the first time this year.

“I don’t really know what to expect,” she said, “but I’ve heard really good things about it and I’m looking foward to going. There aren’t a lot of opportunities to dress up at Southwestern. The Oscar theme of the ball is a good excuse to get all dressed up.”

Gould says of the event, “It’s a good way to take a study break and enjoy one last event with friends and it’s unlike any other event on campus all year.”

The Murder Mystery Ball is the Mock Trial’s yearly fundraising event intended to raise money for their next academic year of competition.

Last year’s ball raised $570 in funds that they applied to help cover costs for their competitions.

Tickets for the Murder Mystery Ball will be sold through Friday, April 24th in the Concourse tables in the Commons. Tickets cost $10 a person and include dessert, mocktails and entertainment for the evening.

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