SEAK Gets Everyone Together For Earth Day

Love the Earth, Love Yo’self.Wednesday, April 22, SEAK will host its bi-annual Earth Day celebration on the Academic Mall. The Earth Day festivities will highlight activism on campus, provide information on environmental engagement and sustainability, and coincide with a month of SEAK sponsored activities focused on environmental awareness.

During Earth Day, SEAK and other organizations will arrange many new activities and some returning favorites.

A bike powered blender featured at previous Earth Day celebrations will be available to make smoothies. This year, a solar power oven will be accompanying the blender to provide fresh treats.

SEAK will also hold a light bulb swoop for students to exchange their regular light bulbs for more energy efficient ones. There will also be a table to make crafts from reused materials, such as a decorative flower pot from plastic bottles. Games and music, including a drum circle, will be a continuous part of the day.

Earth Day attendants will have the opportunity to write letters to their representatives encouraging leadership in environmental sustainability.

Some environmental studies majors will be sharing their capstone research during Earth Day.

“Earth Day is a fun way to raise awareness of environmental issues and bring together other organizations that may not usually be involved in environmental activism. Earth Day shows that everyone can be involved in environmental activism and awareness,” sophomore Tanlyn Roelofs said.

OASIS, Organization of Anthropology and Sociology Interested Students, SPA, Student Peace Alliance, Allies, Feminist Voices, and Phi Delta Theta have already reserved a spot to participate at Earth Day.

“OASIS will be serving organic snacks and have old magazines and glue sticks to make collages on boxes, which people can use as extra recycling bins,” Nicole Powell, a senior, said.

Organizations interested in participating in Earth Day should contact Roelofs at

“During Earth Day, we hope everyone becomes more aware of the environment, has fun, and feels encouraged to attend more SEAK events,” Paige Menking, a junior, said.

Earth Day is one of many environmentally focused events SEAK is hosting this month.

During the month of April, SEAK is hosting several movie nights with a following discussion. These films, such as Everything’s Cool, chronicle the environment challenges facing the world and ways to become more environmentally sustainable.

Friday, April 17, SEAK is hosting a smelliest person contest at 2 p.m. on the mall.

“The contest is a sort of fun way to see who can save the most water by showering and washing their cloths the least,” Roelofs said.

The contest will be judged by professors and members of the administration, such as Laura Hobgood-Oster, Professor of Religion and Philosophy; Gavin Van Horn, Visiting Brown Junior Scholar; and Mike Leese, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students. The winner of the smelliest person title will receive a backpack from REI, Recreational Equipment, Inc.

During these SEAK sponsored events, attendants have the opportunity to enter their name in a raffle. At half past noon on Earth Day, SEAK will raffle off neogen bottles, redeemable coupons from Chipotle and other local venders, and other prizes.

SEAK is also collecting signatures for a petition to switch Southwestern to 100% wind energy. The petition is available for signing during Earth Day and other SEAK events.

The month of April is the second annual Dorm Energy Challenge, which measures energy consumption of dorms and apartments to determine which uses the least amount of energy. May 1, the winner of the Dorm Energy Challenge will be determined and announced during the Do it in the Dark party. The winning dorm will be awarded redeemable coupons to local businesses.

“We hope everyone continues to conserve energy without feeling pressured to do so. We want conservation of resources to be self motivated and something everyone wants to do,” Roelofs said.

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