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Hiring freeze Affecting Numerous Professors & Departments

Many changes will take place in the 2009-10 academic year due to the economy. As a result of SU’s reduced endowment ($341 million to $220 million) from the decline in investment markets, budget changes within the university were inevitably called for. Continue reading

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Murder Mystery Ball Sure to Mystify

Just another typical Saturday night at Southwestern; rubbing elbows with some of the biggest names in Hollywood before the Academy Awards, celebrating everybody’s Oscar nomination and nervous dreams of winning that famous gold bald man. You’re having a fabulous time at the pre-party, and you find yourself talking to all of the famous Hollywood names both on-screen and off. Continue reading

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Local Bands Rock Out for SU Radio

Never before has SU seen an event of this musical magnitude. On Saturday, May 2 at 7:00 p.m. in our beloved Howry Center. four local bands will take the stage to benefit SU Radio. “As long as I’ve been here, … Continue reading



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Backpage Editor Not Funny Anymore; Asked to Resign

In what was a really uncomfortable situation for all Megaphone staff involved, long standing humor and satire section editor Vickie Valadez was asked to leave staff position yesterday. Continue reading


10 Things I Learned As a First-Year

When I applied to Southwestern as a senior in high school I had no idea what I was wanting out of college. In January of 2008 Mr. Monty Curtis interviewed me, and it was because of his persona, of his character, that I quickly became interested in Southwestern, despite my lack of knowledge about a “liberal arts education.” Continue reading

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Four Years Later, I Learned Something

Southwestern has made an impression on me. Its white buildings and green lawns and passionate professors have become sort of a comfort zone to me these last few weeks as I meander my way into life after SU. Continue reading

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New SU DOX Film Festival Awes All

For the last three Tuesdays of April, students and faculty alike can enjoy a certain type of film fair at the first ever SU DOX. This mini film festival features documentaries involving grizzlies, muscles and even imprisonment. Continue reading

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A Look at the Last Days of Lacrosse Club

This year marked history this weekend, after a long 25 years, the Southwestern Men’s Lacrosse Club stepped on their home field for the last time. The club will be replaced in the fall by an NCAA team, the first in the state of Texas. Continue reading

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Megaphone's Student Congress Election & Legislation Results

Election Results Written by Kendra Lancaster Wednesday, April 8, students came together to vote for their representatives for the next school year. A total of 683 students participated in this year’s election. SU decided to re-elect junior Alex Caple as … Continue reading

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SEAK Gets Everyone Together For Earth Day

Wednesday, April 22, SEAK will host its bi-annual Earth Day celebration on the Academic Mall. The Earth Day festivities will highlight activism on campus, provide information on environmental engagement and sustainability, and coincide with a month of SEAK sponsored activities focused on environmental awareness. Continue reading

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Seniors Go X-TREME For Graduation Tickets

Capstones, apartment searching, job hunting and selling your soul in job interviews, not to mention all the other classes you have to take to graduate that seem more and more useless every passing class day. Continue reading

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