A War That is Closer to Home

Gay MarriageWritten by Andrew Dornon

Dear readers: there is a war being fought. No, not that joke in Iraq. And no, not wherever else there might be a war. There is a war going on in your own backyard. This is the war for a group of individuals to be recognized as fully human. Of course, I’m talking about the homosexual community. Granted, almost everyone at Southwestern is in favor of gay marriage or at least civil unions. But what about the folks in Sun City? I’m not saying here that there are not forward-thinking individuals of all ages. But there does seem to be a more heteronormative ideology amongst the older population, one that still harbors traditional ideas about what constitutes “marriage.”

This is understandable, as the gay rights movement is still relatively young.

So where does this go? Well, I see this like any other socially progressive movement. There is and has been some resistance from all people of conservative leanings. and there will be reactionary forces like these for a while to come. They may never go away entirely. I mean, I’m sure there are still some people who think Prohibition was a good idea.

Luckily, with time and effort, most dehumanizing practices fade away. Except for capitalism, patriarchy and slavery, but whatever. Let’s not get carried away here. There are significant parallels between the women’s liberation movement, the civil rights movement and the gay rights movement.

Although sexism and racism are in no way nonexistent in American life, they are far less blatant. Things seem to be getting better on these fronts as people accept each other’s humanity despite their differences. But this seeming inevitability is not necessarily so. The cause must be fought for on all fronts, lest there be a backward slide into, well, backwardness. Without a constant pushing of the metaphorical envelope, there will be no future for the rights of all people regardless of gender, sexual orientation or any other arbitrary distinction. People of all sexualities, there aren’t just two or three, should claim themselves as people and hold together as such. Gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual, asexual and any other sexual orientations that I forgot to mention – people are still people and should not allow others to be discriminated against or persecuted for any reason. A key factor in this raising of awareness and liberalizing of ideas about sexuality is visibility. Everyone in the population must be made aware of and welcomed by the sexually progressive population. This is not a war on our part. The war is on us. The persecuted cannot become the persecutors. If this were to happen, it would only hurt the gay rights cause.

In closing, I know a lot of fabulously accepting older and elderly people who would never judge someone based on their sexual orientation, so I do not want to stereotype a certain group. I merely want to call attention to a trend and opine on my vision of the future. In all seriousness, please hug someone, recycle and dance.

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