Formal response from the Editor-in-Chief to "Fake off: SU dropping studies for sports?"

Written by Rachel Rigdon, Editor-in-Chief

In issue 16 of the Southwestern University Megaphone, we printed a satirical debate on the Backpage about the protection of sports on campus. These articles, written by first-years Andrew Dornon and Remy Robertson, have led to several comments which I felt warranted a formal response.

First of all, I would like to reiterate that this is a satirical article and the opinions stated within are not those of the Megaphone or the University, or even necessarily the writers. That being said, I have spoken with both authors about the problems within the articles. We recognize that good satire must be well-researched and not just an attack without merit and will continue to consider that as we move forward.

Secondly, I would like to remind readers that this is a university paper and as such is primarily concerned with enriching the community. Part of this enrichment includes providing learning opportunities for students. Remy and Andrew’s goal was to shed light on the disparity between the number of kinesiology professors and professors in other departments. Both of them are first-years who have shown a strong commitment to writing, researching, and reporting. Do they get it right every time? No. Satire is difficult to write. We would love for it to be done perfectly every time but we recognize that there will be failures to teach us along the way.

Finally,  We appreciate the comments and rational recommendations that you have provided and I can assure you that we will take them into consideration. Our goal is never to offend and we certainly do not want to alienate any of our readers. For that we apologize. We hope that you will continue to read and continue to let us know when we err, and when we succeed.

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