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My Watchmen Experience

I should start out by saying that I am not a “movie person.” I don’t go movie theaters, I don’t buy DVDs and I don’t have a Netflix account. No offense to anyone who is an enthusiast, but, with rare … Continue reading

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Students Narrowly Escape Fire by Jumping From Window

Two Southwestern students were forced to jump from a second-story window early Sunday morning when the house that they were in caught on fire, leading them both to sustain minor injuries. The house was being rented by three members of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, all of whom lost much of what was in their rooms at the time of the blaze. Continue reading

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Challenges to Public Educators: Intelligent Design Has Place in Society, Not Schools

An opinion on the battle that is currently underway in Texas public schools over the teaching of Darwin’s theory of natural selection. Continue reading

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A War That is Closer to Home

Dear readers: there is a war being fought. No, not that joke in Iraq. And no, not wherever else there might be a war. There is a war going on in your own backyard. Continue reading

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Top Ten SU Student Guide for Surviving the Economic Crisis

Seeing as how the economic recession isn’t going to go away any time soon, here are a few words of the wise to help you and your potentially penniless presence. To buck up you Debbie Downers out there, here is a top ten SU student guide for surviving the economic crisis. Continue reading


Paideia Evolves, Students Still Confused

Paideia. Pie-day-uh. Uh. That last syllable seems to be the general consensus for that ever elusive question of what is Paideia. Continue reading

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Letter From the Editor About Megaphone Redesign

We’re currently in the process of redesigning our paper. Our Editor in Chief explains why. Continue reading

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Confessions of a Shopaholic: A Review

Does Shopaholic reach its full potential, or simply falls flat on its face? Continue reading


How Boys Basketball Finished in the SCAC Tournament

How Pirates men basketball had “their greatest weekend ever”. Continue reading

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Megaphone 3

Welcome to Megaphone Online v.3. If you see any bugs, send them to

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An aside

This is an aside, so hello, world!

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Fire Erupts At Red House; Two SU Students Injured *UPDATE*

A fire started at Red House (913 College St) this morning. Two SU students were injured.  After the jump, read what the Public Information Office had to say, as well as an email Dr. Leese sent to the community.  We … Continue reading

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