Professor Juhl Responds to Hughes’s “Study Uncovers Pay Equalities”

Written by Kathleen Juhl
[Link to the Original Article: Study Uncovers Pay Inequalities]
Professor Kathleen Julh - Courtesy of My.SouthwesternDear Joshua,
I am not surprised at all by this disparity. In these financially
difficult times, I hope the university will prioritize pay equity and
pay raises on all levels, faculty and staff. I would not want, however,
for staff, who make much smaller salaries than I do, to suffer by not
getting a raise this year because of this issue and because a choice was
made to raise my salary for equity reasons and not give staff a raise.
I think it is most important to make sure that employees of the
university who most need cost of living raises get them and that pay
equity for full professors be a prioritized long term goal if it is not
possible immediately given the national financial crisis. All best, Juhl

Kathleen Juhl
Professor of Theatre
Southwestern University

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