Reader's Response to Brennan Peel's "Not Jumping On"

Written by Kim Sump

Link to the original article: Not Jumping On: Bandwagoning Seen at SU with Election and Rob’s Death

I would just like to pose to writer Brennan Peel the thought that perhaps a campus death really could have deeply effected those who may not have been acquaintances of Rob, in that his death could have triggered emotions linked to the memory of a similar loss of a loved one, or indeed, any sort of personal struggle.

Being reminded of the fleeting nature of life, when fully understood and realized such as can be expected on our campus after such a tragedy, can be deeply felt and even life-changing, whether a member of our community (or even someone outside of Southwestern, hearing of it) knew Rob or not.

While I understand that the article was editorial in nature, I would just like to ask that the writer consider the reactions and needs of his fellow students as being equal in importance and vitality in relation to his own reactions and needs.

Though others may not be fully understood or sympathized with, we are all on our own personal journey of self-development in relation to the world around us, and are each a unique product of this journey.

In the future, I would ask that the writer please be more fair in his evaluations of others.

Thank you for your dedication to journalism,

Kim Sump

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