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Fake Off: SU Dropping Studies For Sports?

This is satire and does not express real life in any way. – Web Editor Point: Written by Andrew Dornon Dear readers: as many of you probably know, El Presidente, Jake Schrum, recently sent out an email to the student … Continue reading

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The Web Editor, He Speaks!

Written by Lane Hill Megaphone Web Editor Most of you don’t know me because the writers do not interact with me much/at all. But that’s okay. Here I am. This little part of the Staff Blog is going to be … Continue reading

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Commons Going Trayless For Good Next Semester

Written by Kayla Bogs One of the biggest controversies of 2008 at Southwestern has sneaked its way back into the system. Despite being the subject of several email wars and SING! mocking, a trayless commons is on the way. Last … Continue reading

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Rocky Horror to Be Big, Wild Party

Written by Shana Robinson “The Rocky Horror Show,” directed by Rick Roemer, starts Wednesday, Feb. 25 in the Jesse H. and Mary Gibbs Jones Theatre. The rock ‘n roll musical features Frank-N-Furter, Brad, Janet, Magenta, Riff-Raff and crew as they … Continue reading

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Craigslist Gives People Second Chances

Written by Kendra Lancaster “Blue Eyed Cutie at Southwestern Baseball Game Saturday Afternoon – m4w.” Are you a blue-eyed female who happened to go to the SU baseball game against Schreiner? At the game did you happen to be asked … Continue reading

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Tasty Party Snacks for the Cooking-Challenged

Written by Lori Higginbotham Megaphone Op/Ed Editor I do not cook. I do not like cutting things up, stirring ingredients, baking things and then poking at them with little metal sticks to see if they are hot enough. (Paula Deen … Continue reading

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Large Hadron Collider Has High Probability to Destroy Universe

Written by Andrew Dornan The Large Hadron Collider is a particle accelerator the size of New Jersey. It was built under Switzerland in order to find particles and other crap that may or may not exist. Completely pointless things. They … Continue reading

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Bailouts Not Working

Written by Tony West The first step in any analysis of the bailouts must begin by pointing out that one bailout was done by a Republican, and the other by a Democrat. Therefore, it renders the idea of pure party-driven … Continue reading

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Students React to Financial Changes

Written by Remy Robertson Within the rising intensity of the global economic crisis, reforms are being made in every aspect of life. Sometimes that includes more walking and less driving or cutting back spending on superfluous items. President Schrum’s campus-wide … Continue reading

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SU Swim Team Breaks Records At SCAC Meet

Written by Kendra Lancaster The Southwestern swim team ended their season this past weekend at the SCAC Championship meet. The women’s team ended up in sixth place in conference with a total of 386 points and the men ranked eighth … Continue reading

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Why Humphrey Bogart is important in the current economic meltdown

By Vickie Valadez Backpage and Copy Editor Happy belated Valentine’s Day. Hope your day of couple cuddliness/single awareness/intentional dismissal of Saturday was a success. I am excited to write for you, readers in internet land! I am excited about sharing … Continue reading

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Campus Breaks Ground for Community Garden

Written by Vickie Valadez Backpage Editor Various members from the SU community are finally getting their green thumbs dirty. Southwestern students, faculty and staff came together last Saturday morning to lay down mulch and soil and sow seeds in the … Continue reading

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