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Allies Host Salon to Discuss Campus Life for GLBT Students

Written by Meg Susong On the afternoon of Nov. 4, before everyone hits thier televisions for election night, ALLIES will be hosting the first Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transgendered (GLBT) salon in the Marshall Field Ballrooms from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. The salon, … Continue reading

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Microblogging & You: Why Microblogging is the Future

Written by Miakela Santini CW’s breakout hit Gossip Girl is a drama of opulent high school students, narrated by an omniscient, but anonymous “Gossip Girl”. With satirical text-message, she keeps her subscribers up to date on all the latest of … Continue reading

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Halloween: An Excuse For Sexism

Written by Hannah Richard Ever since I was a kid, I’ve enjoyed the holiday Halloween. What other holiday can you dress like anything you want, going from house to house asking for ridiculously tasty candy and not have your parents … Continue reading

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"Mystery": Sexist Pig, or Performance Artist?

Written by Kendra Lancaster I love trashy reality TV shows, I really do; and VH1 is one of my favorite channels. Over fall break, my friend and I decided to watch some late night TV and decided to turn it … Continue reading

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Hayashi Sushi is Yummy

Written by Josh Spencer Price: $15-25 After a one-week hiatus from Asian food, I returned this week to the Orient as found at Hayashi Sushi Bar and Grill in the Wolf Ranch shopping center near Kohl’s. Hayashi, a restaurant that … Continue reading

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Hot Male Professors 2008: Southwestern Edition

Written by Kendra Lancaster Carlos De Oro: De Oro is an Assistant Spanish Professor here at SU. He hails from Columbia, from the same hometown as Shakira! And he even has an accent, ladies!

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The Majors

Drawn by Alum Sam Cook 

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