RescueTime Might Save Your Time

Written by Kayla Bogs

It’s 2 AM and you’re halfway through your eight page essay. As you begin to start the fifth page you hear the all too familiar chime of popularity: you have a facebook message! As you try to motivate yourself to resist the temptation, your hand mysteriously makes its way to the mouse: two notifications and a chat message. What essay?

Time all too often feels like it is slipping away. A new solution to this problem is to create an account quick and easy with and see just how your time is being spent.

“I’m on my computer all the time,” first-year Whitney Moore said. “Computers are just a part of life now. It is hard to do anything without one.”

With computers now so prevalent in society, it makes many activities, jobs, and connections easier. But they can also be a huge distraction from things that should be priorities in our lives. is a way to find out how you’re spending your day and how much time is devoted to each website. is available to anyone who needs it: individuals, procrastinators, businesses, groups, and college students. It is free, only takes a few minutes to sign up, and it immediately begins logging time.

“At first, I really didn’t understand the website,” Moore said. “But it is actually pretty simple. Just pulling up the dashboard allows you to see all of your time recorded.”

Once you are signed up, just one click and you are able to view your log. You’re able to set how often you want your computer to update the log and how many hours a day you want it done. If you’re interested in just seeing your log, there is not much navigating to be done.

There are three different charts that present the organization of time. The charts include total time spent, website/application categories, and the specific websites and applications through which you navigate.

“I knew I spent a lot of time on Facebook but it kind of sucks when you realize that your personal productivity section of the graph is four times shorter than the networking section,” first year Kristi Brawner said. “But seriously, what would I do without Facebook?”

For college students, this website is kind of hard to be happy about considering most either have Facebook as their homepage or on their phone, but for businesses this can be a very helpful and more appreciated.

The website gives you the ability to make groups and compare time with other members. It also allows the goal-oriented individuals, or even those who wish to be goal-oriented, to set goals as to how much time is to be spent on something and then be notified about them when they are exceeded or reached.
“I always try to set goals for myself as far as when to finish homework or how long my study breaks are,” Brawner said. “I think this website would definitely put it in perspective.”

In order to make the website more suitable to the user, the user is able to personalize the website by tagging the categories to relate them to their life. They have the ability to alter the graphs to make it more useful and more efficient.
“If you’re unsure about how much time you spend on the computer, then I think the website is beneficial because it allows you to see not only how much time you were on the net but also what you were doing with the time,” Andrew Hayes said.

RescueTime has discovered that in an average workday people spend 6.71 hours in front of a computer and the average IM user switches to an IM window 77 times a day. This website has been successful in discovering many statistics about life with computers and has been proven to improve businesses and their productivity.
“It really helps to see how much time I really spend on the internet and stuff when I should be doing other things that are more important,” Moore said.

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