Hot Male Professors 2008: Southwestern Edition

Written by Kendra Lancaster

Carlos De Oro:
Carlos De Oro, courtesy of Kendra Lancaster
De Oro is an Assistant Spanish Professor here at SU. He hails from Columbia, from the same hometown as Shakira! And he even has an accent, ladies!

MP: How does it feel to get this honor for the second year in a row?
CD: It’s very surprising. As a professor I never think of being sexy. It’s very funny.

MP: What is the sexiest thing about you?
CD: I’m very friendly and cheerful person. I have a bright side to me. People tend to like pleasant personalities.

MP: Did you ever date Shakira?
CD: No, unfortunately never.

MP: Are you hotter than Shakira?
CD: No, I can’t even compare!

MP: By interviewing you, do I no longer have to do work in your class?
CD: No, it’s separate! Work and sexiness are different from each other.

Bob Bednar:
Bob Bednar, Courtesy of Kendra Lancaster
Bednar is a Professor of Communications at SU. He is also the beloved advisor of the Megaphone.

MP: On a scale of 1-10, how sexy are you?
BB: 2.5, because I’m almost there. I’m encumbered with a complicated self-image.

MP: Why do you think people think you’re sexy?
BB: Because they drink the Kool-aid

MP: How’d you become so sexy?
BB: Because I made the Kool-aid

MP: Why do you love the Megaphone so much?
BB: The Megaphone has been kind enough to keep alive a picture of me as an 18-year old, while on all accounts I would not be.

Andrew Woodward:
Andrew Woodward, courtesy of Kendra Lancaster
Woodward is visiting Assistant Professor of Biology. He is the most charming man to be found in the Fondron-Jones building!

MP: How come you’re such a hunk?
AW: I was just born that way. There was nothing I could do about it.

MP: What are you doing to bring sexy back?
AW: I just do, it takes no effort whatsoever.

MP: How are you making the Biology department sexier?
AW: We have reproductive biologists, and that’s already as sexy as it can be.

MP: What’s the hardest thing about being sexy?
AW: I don’t like the attention. Such as being singled out in a newspaper. It’s kind of embarrassing.

MP: What do you want to say to your fans?
AW: Hi.

Sergio Costola:
Sergio Costola, courtesy of Kendra Lancaster
Costola is an Assistant Professor in the Theatre Department, his other alias is the Theatre Italian Stallion.

MP: On a scale of 1-10, how sexy are you?
SC: 10, because I’m aware of the fact Bob Bednar made the list.

MP: Why is theatre so sexy?
SC: Because I’m part of it.

MP: What’s the sexiest role you’ve been in?
SC: I’m not an actor. I’m a theatre historian, which is even sexier.

MP: What’s the sexiest role that you know of?
SC: Always the nun.

MP: What makes you so sexy?
SC: The fact that Joe

Timothy Jecmen:
Timothy Jecmen, courtesy of Kendra Lancaster
Jecmen steals students’ hearts as the sheepishly sexy English professor. His other title is Professor Stockton’s husband. He is definitely the only professor here at SU who can pull off mutton chops.

MP: What’s the sexiest thing about you?
TJ: My very filled bookshelf at home.

MP: How did you become so sexy?
TJ: 6 and a half years of graduate school!

MP: Are you more of a Darcy or Bingley?
TJ: Oh sheesh… I’m definitely much more of an Americanist. And we know that American men have much better teeth than British men. Even literary characters!

MP: How are you helping to bring sexy back?
TJ: What are you talking about?

MP: Bring sexy back… like Justin Timberlake…
TJ: Oh. Well, I guess by teaching poetry.

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