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Azar Nafisi Speaks to the Megaphone

Written by Chris Elford On cool and rainy Tuesday November 11th, students and faculty welcomed this year’s Writer’s Voice candidate Azar Nafisi to Southwestern Univerity. Nafisi is perhaps best known for her award winning memoir Reading Lolita in Tehran, which … Continue reading

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RescueTime Might Save Your Time

Written by Kayla Bogs It’s 2 AM and you’re halfway through your eight page essay. As you begin to start the fifth page you hear the all too familiar chime of popularity: you have a facebook message! As you try … Continue reading

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How to Create a Poll

Written Gilbert St. Clair Professor of Political Science In this election year, we have all been bombarded with the information gathered in public opinion surveys (a.k.a. polls). The purpose of these polls has varied from those designed to understand human … Continue reading

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The Benefits of a Trayless Commons

Written by Hannah Richard After undergoing a trial run for possibly going trayless, Southwestern students have been in daze over what to think. Numerous Facebook groups have been established bashing and championing the trayless trial period, and many groups on … Continue reading

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Sing! A Success!

Written by Mikaela Santini This past Saturday, 11 student organizations preformed musical skits in SING!, one of the most popular events of homecoming. The audience was entertained for hours by the skits and the commentary of Masters of Ceremonies, sophomore … Continue reading

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Aster's Ethiopian Cuisine is a Treat

Written by Josh Spencer Megaphone Food Reviewer Price: $15-20 Rating: 3.5 Stars I returned this past Wednesday to the food critic circuit by making my first foray outside of Georgetown. I’ve tried to keep my reviews in the area, since … Continue reading

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Twilight Does Not Live Up To Hype

Written by Claire Booher This past summer was when I first heard my friends speak about Twilight. A good friend of mine knew I am a huge fan of Harry Potter and knew I would love this book she read … Continue reading


Peppermint Kites: Schroedinger's LOLCat

Drawn by Sam Allen. 

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A Realization of Compassion

Written by Meg Susong Megaphone Columnist When at home, I often watch the show “Animal Cops,” which is essentially “Cops,” but where the violators commit crimes against animals. The crimes can range from starving an animal to leaving it chained … Continue reading

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Students React to Obama Win

By Remy Robertson/Rachel Rigdon Between the first woman vide-residential and first African American presidential hopefuls, this past year has been arguably the most heated presidential election within the nation’s history. The aftermath that resonates into the public, despite the turnout … Continue reading

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Pete Sessions Comes to SU

Written by Charlotte Law Striding past groups of noisy lunch-eaters, this reporter squeezed her way in to the Dan Rather room. Republican Congressman Peter “Pete” Sessions intrigued and excited students at the ‘Careers in Politics’ event last Friday. The forum … Continue reading

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To the President, From a Concerned Citizen: An Open Letter

Written by Andrew Dornon I sit, writing this on the verge of one of the most important elections of our lifetime. Regardless of the outcome, you, the president-elect will need to accomplish a few general goals in order to retain … Continue reading