Equestrian Club Provides Opportunities for Horse Lovers

An Equestrian, Courtesy of Google

Written by Lorena Saenz

The great state of Texas has played a large role in the origination of the cowgirl and cowboy. A way of life, a culture, and a fashion are all included, and continue to be source of pride.

Being the first university in the state of Texas, it is only appropriate that Southwestern University is able to take its claim in this heritage through our very own equestrian team.

The Southwestern Equestrian Team is currently 10-12 active members with three team riders. The team representatives are Taryn Stafford, Derry Jameson and Lisa Scott.

The team practices three times a week at Satori Stables under the coaching of Lynn Larson. With help from SIRA, the club feels fortunate to have been able to organize schedules to ride with Ms. Larson at her stables in Round Rock.

The club was started five years ago by Stephanie Russell, but has only been considered an official riding as a team for three years.

Stafford, who is the Equestrian Club’s president, has owned horses all of her life and has always been very involved with horses but was never given the opportunity to show horses until coming to Southwestern.

Some riders have been involved in English pleasure style riding and later developed their skills into jumping.

“Working with Lynn has really taken my riding to another level as well as teaching me incredible horsemanship and training skills.” Stafford said.

The team has a wide variety of horse experience, besides showjumping.
Derry Jameson is an avid polo lacrosse player and has ranked highly as a national player in the women’s division. Lisa Scott is also an accomplished horsewoman as well, riding in A level shows on her National Show Horse and Half-Arab horses.

Any level of rider can join the club, and lessons with Ms. Larson are also available. Three levels of riding are offered. There are lessons for people who just want to get away from campus every once in awhile and be around animals and outdoors. Progress may not occur quickly, but it is a great chance for relaxation. Lessons for people who want to become competent and successful riders and are also available weekly. These riders will be able to see progress at a steady pace. Team riding is the third level of riding, where riding requires a higher level of commitment through biweekly lessons. Competitions in the IHSA League are also included in the third level. The team riders range from show classes Beginning Walk/Trot to Novice Flat and Jumping.

The team’s first competition of the season will be Oct. 17-19 at Trinity University in San Antonio. The team is also very excited to be riding in the Homecoming Day Parade on Nov. 8.

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  1. cindy says:

    I am bringing my daughter to visit the college March 17th. She is a HS junior. May we visit the barn? Do we need an appointment? Where is the barn using the college as a reference point?

  2. What a stunning horse, also nice to see a young Equestrian Rider enjoying themselves too. Thanks for the great post and i hope your team continues to spread the joy of the equine world, good luck!

  3. natalie says:

    it’s a shame to see most colleges only offering hunter/jumper rather than true riding, aka dressage…

  4. Horse Lady says:

    Some things in this life are just purely beautiful – horses and kids.

    It looks like it’s a quarter horse in the picture? Or maybe a quarter horse and thoroughbred mix? We have tons of quarter horses for sale here if anyone reading this blog is looking to buy a quarter horse.

  5. hey cool blog very helpfull stuff there are loads of blokes who enjoy horse games all the time. They enjoy plaing with their friends trying to enjoy the hours of free time that is available throughout the day. Horses are very popular amongst girls who love to learn to ride them at a young age, Horse Games allow young girls not yet old enough to fully enjoy riding horses a chance to play with these animals.

  6. finally discovered somewhere with useful information. thank you and keep it coming :)

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