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Poll Shows SU Favors Obama

Written by Kendra Lancaster With the Presidential election just days away now, many Southwestern students and staff are ready to vote, if they have not already. But who are they going to vote for? In a poll conducted by the … Continue reading

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P!nk's "Funhouse" is A Heartbreak Helper

Written by Meg Susong Funhouse, the fifth studio album from singer Alecia Moore, who performs under the more widely-recognized name P!nk, drops in stores next Tuesday. With its mix of sad, thoughtful love songs and fun, upbeat, feisty rock anthems, … Continue reading


Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist Is Only Worth a Rent

  Written by Hannah Richard Are you itching to watch a hilarious, laugh out loud, yet cute and sweet romantic comedy? Then Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist is definitely not for you! If you are, however, interested in a New … Continue reading


A Glimpse Into the Life of a SU Conservative

Written by Andrew Dornon Here’s the story of Trey Frye, a freshman at Southwestern University. When I first met Trey, he espoused his loathing of a nationalized health care system. I instantly knew a long and conflicting relationship would follow. … Continue reading

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Equestrian Club Provides Opportunities for Horse Lovers

Written by Lorena Saenz The great state of Texas has played a large role in the origination of the cowgirl and cowboy. A way of life, a culture, and a fashion are all included, and continue to be source of … Continue reading

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Theatre Review: The Producers @ the Palace

  By Bernardo SchrimerMegaphone Lead Photographer  Let me just start by saying you should have seen the 1968 movie. It’s good and it’s Mel Brooks. With that in mind, this is a more than good enough as an adaptation of … Continue reading


Food Review: Montana Mike's

Written by Josh Spencer Megaphone Columnist For this week’s review, I trekked across I-45 to take in Montana Mike’s Steakhouse. Now, normally I try to stay away from chains for my reviews, since by their very nature, they are not … Continue reading

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"Kill 'Em With Kindness" – Presidential Campaigns Turn Nice

Written by Andrew Dornon In age of ever-increasing political animosity, this year’s presidential candidates have gone against all precedence and are now putting out advertisements painting their opponent in a positive light. Both candidates began their advertising campaigns by tearing … Continue reading

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Food Review: The Commons!

Written by Ben ParafinaI arrived on a quiet afternoon, campus had emptied out now that fall break had hit full swing. Classes had been empty and my usual routine of abstaining from breakfast left me with a distinct hunger. They … Continue reading

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Conservative Pundits Get Their New Favorite Movie

Written by Laura Romer Director and co-writer David Zucker of cult comedy classic “Airplane!” and the “Scary Movie” series has made a film that is, first and foremost, for entertainment. Is it entertaining? Yes, at times and no at other … Continue reading


Smoking Survey Divides Campus

Written by Caitlin McShea Recently the Megaphone sponsored a survey on smoking and invited all members of the Southwestern Community: faculty, staff and students, smokers and non-smokers alike, to take it. The Student Council will consider the results of the … Continue reading


Taste of Georgetown Review

Written by Joshua A. Hughes Megaphone News Editor Saturday night, the air outside of the Georgetown courthouse had the heavenly scent of smoke. The source was the Taste of Georgetown event, which featured some of the city’s best and most … Continue reading

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