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The Amathyst Initiative Wants Lowered Drinking Age

Written by Bryce Hagan If you ask the average college student what they think the legal drinking age should be, chances are they wont tell you 21. Since it was raised from 18 by the National Minimum Drinking Age Act … Continue reading

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The French Film Festival – A Preview

Written by Meg Susong The Tournées Festival: Five French Films Not To Miss For the second year in a row, Southwestern will be holding The Tournées Film Festival, which will be showing five French films over the course of September … Continue reading

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Vice Presidential Nominees Have Their Vices

Written by Catie Ertel The 2008 Presidential elections promise to be among the most historic and exciting elections in US history. If they were to be elected, John McCain would be the oldest first- term president, and Barack Obama would … Continue reading

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A Student's Perspective Abroad

Written by Leslie Lube I’ve been doing some traveling on my own to try to get acquainted with my surroundings and satisfy some of my curiosity about the United Kingdom before my study abroad program at Bangor University in Wales … Continue reading

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Boze Visits London

By Boze Harrington One of Ray Bradbury’s better stories involves a little boy who lives in a mansion on the hills. The only two people he’s ever seen are his mother and a teacher who has the odd habit of … Continue reading

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SU Radio Comes Back to Life

By Nicole Licea An ironic fact about any medium is that the relationship between producer and listener is an entirely co-dependent one. A radio station, TV show, or magazine cannot successfully survive unless there is an audience to consume it, … Continue reading


Lady Pirates Win Tournament

By Jim Surface Our 25th-ranked Lady Pirates entered this weekend’s volleyball tournament boasting a 6-2 record and an honored position in the top 25 poll. They did nothing to prove that honorific undeserved this weekend sweeping through all three matches … Continue reading

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"Burn After Reading" Worth Your Time

By Brady Granger After Joel and Ethan Coen’s critically acclaimed and Academy Award-winning film No Country for Old Men, it was difficult not to feel optimistic about their next movie. Once the movie trailer for their next film debuted, the … Continue reading

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Where Have All the Forks Gone

By Matthew Maschino While I was being served a scrumptious helping of turkey-flavored goo, smashed potatoes and assorted green things last week, I couldn’t help but notice something was grossly awry in the Commons. As I plunged my hand into … Continue reading

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SU Makes Efforts to Cut Back on Paper Use

By Catie Ertel At the beginning of the semester, new restrictions were put into place on student printing via the printing system “Pirate Prints.” “The primary reason is awareness,” Director of Technology Support & Academic Computing Sharon Fass, who headed … Continue reading

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Kappa Sigma Explains Closure

By Kendra Lancaster As many returning students here at Southwestern students may have realized, campus seems to be a little quieter lately. Two days before official move- in day for returning students, the Kappa Sigma fraternity was closed off to … Continue reading

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In Real Life

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