Dallas Cowboys Might Be Good!

By Kendra Lancaster

Any Cowboys fan would know the significance of last Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The two teams, both of which are in the NFC East conference, have had a long standing rivalry – which has only been deepened by Terrell Owens move from the Eagles to the Cowboys.

The last time these two teams met in Irving, the Cowboys unfortunately came up short in a painful and close loss; which put even more of the Cowboy’s pride on the line for this past game.

The Cowboys were thankfully able to pull out a tight win against the Eagles, with the final score being 41-37. Not until the very end, was it sure that the Cowboys had clenched it.


It was a very high scoring first half, with the Eagles at halftime leading 30-24. The Eagles were the first to score on their first possession, with David Akers making a 34 yard field goal.


The Cowboys also scored on their first possession with a 72-yard touchdown pass to Terrell Owens, making the game personal between Owens and former teammate, and current rival, Donovan McNabb.


It was another field goal for the Eagles, 44-yards by Akers; and another touchdown for the Cowboys, a 98-yard kick off return by Felix Jones, which closed the scoring for the first quarter.


The Eagles had a very dominant second half. It started with a great pass and a foolish move.


Rookie DeSean Jackson caught a 60-yard pass, but accidently threw it away in celebration right before he ran into the endzone. But McNabb was able to complete a 6 yard pass to Brian Westbrook to score their first touchdown of the game. They were successful is scoring another touchdown off of another careless Romo fumble, which happened to be in the Eagles endzone.


With this second touchdown, the Eagles also took the lead for the second time since their first score, but not for long. The Cowboys showed up for the quarter and Romo completed a 4-yard pass to Owens for another touchdown.


Thanks to a couple of Cowboys penalties, which has been a consistent trouble for them, the Eagles were able to score another touchdown on a 1-yard run. The Eagles extended their lead by another Akers field goal for 22 yards. Finishing the scoring of the half was Folk for the Cowboys, kicking a very impressive 51 yards with three seconds left.


The second half of the game was not quite as intense as the first had been. The only scoring in the third quarter came from Marion Barber; who was able to show that he’s more than just a running back by catching a 17-yard pass from Romo to make the touchdown.


Early in the fourth quarter, Westbrook scored another touchdown, this time on a 1 yard run, which gave the Eagles their last lead. The Cowboys tried to catch up, with Folk kicking another impressive 47-yard field goal, which unfortunately still kept the Cowboys three points behind. With less than five minutes left of play in the game, Marion Barber ran 1 yard to get the touchdown and give the Cowboys the short lead of 4 points. Thankfully, this was enough. The Cowboys defense was successful in preventing any more Eagles scoring while running down the clock.


This was the second win for the Cowboys of the season, going 3-0 so far. Their next game was against the Green Bay Packers, where they traveled to Lambeau Field to win 27-16. The next game for the Cowboys is against their longest rival in the NFL, and NFC East members, the Washington Redskins.

Cowboys fans will have to wait until December 18 to watch the Cowboys and Eagles meet up again, this time in Philadelphia.


So far the Cowboys are looking like a strong team, which they should – having 13 returning Pro Bowl players.


They just need to be weary of the problems which have plagued them for awhile. Romo’s fumble was a big mistake in the game, which many fans had déjà vu of the 2006 playoff game against the Seahawks.


Fortunately, it was not as drastic of an impact this last game. The team also needs to work on having a clean game and not having as many penalties, which is not a new issue. Against the Eagles, they gave up 10 penalties for 108 yards.

Many people have alluded to the Cowboys winning the NFC East and then going on to play, and possibly winning, the Superbowl.


Cowboys’ fans just need to hope that the team does not choke again, like they have for the past two seasons. If they continue to play the way that they have been these past two games, then anything is possible for them.

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