What to Do, What to Do? A Few Suggestions on How to Spend Our Tution Money

Written by Caitlyn Buckley
Megaphone Staff Writer

As we all know by now, much to the dismay of whoever is paying for our education, tuition is increasing again by 7.7 percent. We are reminded by the administration that our tuition dollars have not gone and will not go towards the renovation of buildings like the Fine Arts Center or construction of the Center for Lifelong Learning.

This is a relief to me, since I don’t like to think of my money going towards buildings I probably won’t spend much time in over the next two years before I graduate. I’ve talked to many fellow students about how confused we are by the information that our tuition money isn’t going towards the construction or renovation of campus buildings. Since our money isn’t going to these buildings, a popular conversation topic among SU students turns towards what we think the money generated by tuition increases should do on campus. Many of us have collaborated and discussed different improvements we want to see around campus, improvements that we would like our money going towards. Hopefully, if some of these ideas aren’t already being considered, they will be now.

First of all, many of my friends and neighbors in the Moody-Shearn and Herman Brown dorms would like to have more lighting around the area, since the lack of working street and sidewalk lights makes us nervous walking around when it’s dark. This improvement would particularly be appreciated in light of all the violence taking place on campuses nationwide, not to mention the few campus security scares this year. Lighting could potentially serve to discourage crime and loitering around our dorms, which would be welcomed by those of us living here.

Lots of us spend time complaining about parking issues on campus as well. Since an ultimate goal is to increase the number of students on campus, more parking is going to be necessary. While we do enjoy better parking situations than at larger universities, the money generated by tuition increases could go towards more parking options for students, faculty and staff and visitors. I’m sure plenty of students would rejoice in having an even shorter walk from car to dorm or class than they currently enjoy.

Another option for what I’d like my tuition increase money going towards is increasing scholarship money for currently enrolled students. A frequent focus of mass-complaining is that students entering the school with the same stats as current students are receiving thousands of dollars more in scholarships than those of us who are currently enrolled. Obviously, it makes SU a more attractive option to high schoolers when they see they are offered generous scholarships, but why not improve current student morale and lessen the frustration of whoever is paying for our educations (be it parents, family members, current students or a mix of all of these).

I have yet to meet a student at SU that despises every single one of their professors. In fact, most of us enjoy the majority of the professors we’ve had here. The more talkative professors let us know their satisfaction with their salaries from SU. Regardless of how comfortable they may or may not be, I don’t think any of them would turn down a raise. With the increased tuition, something many of us hope is that our professors will see an increase in their salaries as well. I’ve spoken to several students who say that if they could direct their tuition increase money anywhere at all, they would direct it towards raises for their favorite professors.

As a last and more frivolous idea, several fellow writers mentioned to me that they want a playground on campus. It might seem silly at first, but stress relief is always appreciated by students, and as any elementary student can tell you, few things relieve stress better than 20 minutes on a swing.

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