Gather 'Round, Kristen Key Has a Story for You

Written by Alma Aguilar
Megaphone Staff Writer

The preacher’s daughter gone wild, Kristin Key, performed on Friday, March 7 in The Cove. After being a finalist from season four of Last Comic Standing, she has been performing across the nation. Thanks to the University Programming Council (UPC), she was able to perform on campus.

Before she took on comedy, Kristin Key was a nineteen year old who was studying to become a paramedic who worked at a movie theater for some extra money. She said that her life changed after a comedy club opened in her home town.

“A comedy club opened in Amarillo, [Texas,] I decided to perform in their open mike night. I liked it so much that I quit school and eight years later I am still doing comedy,” Key said.

Many comedians take time to plan out their jokes and routines. However, Key wings it and feeds off her audience’s vibe.

“I make up most of my material on stage,” Key said.

She says that most of her comedic stories are inspired by her life. The secret to making them funny is by the way you decide to look at them.

“I get most of my jokes from personal experiences. Everything can be funny when you put the right perspective on it,” Key said.

At times, you may catch Kristin Key writing side notes, just in case her audiences are not responding.

“I make a list, but I rarely follow it. I usually jump off the list and do things I would not normally do,” Key said.

Key follows a regimen to warm her self up before a performance.

“I take a nap, shower, smoke a cigarette, drink an energy drink and then write on my napkin,” Key said.

After being on Last Comic Standing, Key said that her life completely changed.

“I got to quit my job at the theater, which I hated. I also ended a relationship before attending the show,” Key said.

She explained that during the taping of the reality show, many of the cast members complained about not making money while being on it. For Key, complaints were the last thing on her mind.

“I was doing what I liked to do and was being fed. I thought that the worst that could happen was to be on television,” Key said.

Key no longer call Texas home, as she has moved to Long Beach, California, where she enjoys the lifestyle the area provides.

During the show, Kristin Key covered various topics, such as her brother’s roommate who happened to be a lesbian hermaphrodite named Amanda.

“Many people think they’re not out there, but they’re like leprechauns, they exist,” Key said.

She also talked about how there’s always one girl who patrols the restroom is demanding that no one poops or passes gas while using the toilet.

“Where does she expect them to go then,” Key said.

Overall most of the audience members seemed to enjoy her show. Throughout the show you constantly heard laughs and claps from viewers.

Sophomore Hector Ruiz, thought the show went well overall and that it was worth his time.

“I liked that she was a bit original and not all material or jokes were things she has on Youtube,” Ruiz said.

Even though this show was free to students, audience members would be willing to pay to see her again.

“I thought it was awesome she was really funny I would totally see her again,” Sophomore Nikki Golan said.

Ruiz mostly enjoyed the joke when she explained the difference between a good friend and a drinking buddy.

“The good friend will bail you out of jail while the drinking buddy will be sitting next to you in jail,” Ruiz said.

For Golan, her talk her life as a preacher’s daughter made her laugh the most.

“I liked it when she talked about falling asleep in church and being woken up by a hymn book that fell on her foot,” Golan said.

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