You Know You're A Southwestern Student When…

Written by Alma Aguilar
Megaphone Staff Writer

You worry about failing a test when you step on the seal in front of the Chapel.

You are in a course where there are only two men in the class (and one of them is the professor.)

You live in a town that is asleep by 9 p.m., on a weekend.

The money you spent on your education could buy you a house.

You are fed turkey two times a week.

You get excited when the party bomb is on the Sig’s lawn.

You can’t decide if you should call your school mascot a Pirate or Buc.

People ask you if you go to Texas State.

Eating Ramen for the third night this week is a better option than eating at the Commons.

You are looked at strangely when you mention you are a Republican.

You complain about the “horrible parking situation” when you park two minutes away from your doorstep.

They tell you the amount of mold in your room is “acceptable.”

You know everyone’s business, even if you’ve never met them.

Sleeping is sometimes not an option.

E-mail wars become the most interesting event on campus.

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