Updated Staff List

As of 9/5/08

Editor In Chief: Rachel Rigdon
Copy/News Editor: Joshua A. Hughes

Photo Editor/Distribution: Michael Morgan
Features Editor: Whitney Laas
Managing Editor/Opinions Editor: Lori Higginbotham
Sports Editor: Claire Booher
A&E Editor: Caitlyn Buckley
Copy/Backpage Editor: Vickie Valadez

Advertising Manager: Alma Aguilar
Website Editor: Lane Hill

Writers/Photographers: Alma Aguilar, Emily Brandt, Caitlin Buckley, Gillian Graham, Brooke Lyssy, Nicole Licea, Abbie Garcia, Sam Marsh, Hannah Yterdal, Allen Smith, Sam Allen, Mariah Arispe

Writers: Paige Ammons, David Squires, Kaitlyn Dennis, Samantha DelGaicco, Regan Lemley, Catie Ertel, Meg Susong, Claire Booher, Brooke Calder, Megan Metzger, Giulia Giuffre, Caitlin Shea, Jim Surface, Kerstin Heitzke, Jamie Martin, Audra Gentry, Jessica Espinoza, Audrey Olena, William Thomas, Michael Morgan, Elizabeth Delgado, Marie Castagna, Sean Smith, Fernando Reyes, Kassie Juenke

Photographers: Audra Belardinelli, Elizabeth Leshikar, Lauren Ferrante, Kristin Wyenandt, Alex Hall, Jessie Carrier, Caitlin Marr, Liz Westbrook, Mariel Kerbacher, Cameron Duggins

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2 Responses to Updated Staff List

  1. Rick Roemer says:

    Hello – just wondering who the new arts editor is for Megaphone? I’d like to chat about what we are doing here in the Theatre Dept., and how (hopefully) the Megaphone can help support us and encourage students to attend live performance.

    Rick Roemer
    ext 1548

  2. HAJ says:

    This is still off, Lane.

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