Martin Luther King Jr. Continues to Inspire Hope

Written by Maria Arispe
Megaphone Staff Writer

Martin Luther King Jr. Continues to Inspire Hope

It could be said that Martin Luther King Jr. was an extraordinary man and influential person to many people’s lives as well as the infamous American civil rights Movement. It could also be said that he went above and beyond his call of duty, questioning the status quo and pushing for a better and brighter future for everyone. Finally, some might conclude that because of his never ending strength, non-violent mode of action, and quite successful way of stirring up much needed change, he was assassinated. His life was cut somewhat short by an assassin’s bullet.

However, even with Dr. King’s death, he is still remembered constantly and loved dearly by a lot of people. A sophomore, Joy Fears comments: “I am really grateful for the things that Martin Luther King Jr. has done for our society. If it wasn’t for him, I would not be at Southwestern getting an excellent education. He has helped the African American community in so many ways; he has really helped to integrate the United States’ schools, communities, and universities. And although there is still a lot of blatant and institutionalized racism in the US today, he has started an awesome integration process between the minority and the majority that I hope never stops.”

Every year, people from all over the country, no matter their race or ethnicity commemorate his life, his accomplishments, and his struggle to make this world a better place by dedicating one day of the year to him, also known as Martin Luther King Day. People who decide to celebrate Dr. King usually celebrate in different ways; some gather to march around a designated area of their city or town, others, like Southwestern University, as well as the Georgetown Community celebrate the life and work of Dr. King by gathering for what is known as the MLK Celebration or dinner. This form of celebration is a somewhat long-stranding tradition, having been going on under the supervision of Michele Amerson since 2003. Amerson, the coordinator and chairperson of the MLK activities going on this week, says: “The community dinner is an opportunity to bring Dr. King’s dream in which ‘the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will sit together at the table of brotherhood,’ to fruition.”

This year, SU and Georgetown began this series of celebrations for Dr. King on January 21st. There was the Community March starting at the Court House on 7th and Austin Ave, followed by what is known as the MLK Community Celebration Program at Macedonia Baptist Church, and ending with the MLK Jr. Community Dinner, where The Honorable Dawnna Dukes, State Representative from District 46 gave a wonderful speech held in the McCombs Ballrooms. Moreover, sophomore Charles Prince would like to add that “This week, there will be a constructive dialogue on a movie called The Color of Hope this Thursday at 7 in Olin 110. A guest speaker is coming to campus
on the 30th at 4 pm in the chapel and then a reception at 5 pm. Dr. Felder is a professor from Howard University. He is going to talk about Africa and the bible.”

If not already known to the community, the theme for this year’s MLK Celebration, according to Michele Amerson is “Capture the Dream! Hope, Equality, and Justice for All.” She, as well as others involved wish to stress that it is sincerely encouraged for anyone interested here at SU and in the Georgetown Community to consider attending these events. To a great deal of people, Martin Luther King Jr. was an extraordinary individual who accomplished more in his lifetime than most ever will. A lot of people would most likely agree that he lived and breathed much needed reform of this country and should be remembered most respectfully for it.

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