Organic Foods Delivered to SU

Written by Alma Aguilar

Greenling is a local Austin company that delivers organic food to your home. They offer a variety of products from fruits and vegetables to meats and breads. Most of their products are grown locally and meet the USDA’s standards for organic products.

In the fall of 2006, Gail Roberson, Associate Director of Admissions, arranged for this company to make special weekly delivers to campus.

“Greenling’s regular delivery area goes up to Round Rock but does not include Georgetown home deliveries. They make an exception for us,” Dana Hendrix-Head,
Collection Development and Acquisition, said.

Most of the products that Greenling offers are grown in Central Texas by local farmers who grow their food without any harmful chemicals, drugs or processes. They use biological systems to enrich their food, bettering the food along with the soil it was grown in.

“Chemicals [are not] used that harm area wildlife and pollute water sources, organic practices are better than conventional practices,” Hendrix said.

Senior Melanie Loop is one of the people who is part of the group that receives shipments on campus. She enjoys the advantages that come along with eating organic foods.

“I like to eat organic products due to the fact that they don’t have all the pesticide and herbicides on them that conventional produce is grown with,” Loop said. “When something is grown organically, it tastes and smells amazing, unlike conventional grown produce that doesn’t really smell much and is lacking flavor as well.”

Greenling, much like a supermarket, offers a variety of products, which run around the same price range.

“I did a price comparison before I signed up last year, and at that time the Greenling prices were just about the same as what I was paying for organic products at local stores,” Hendrix said.

Offering local fresh and healthy organic products to everyone is one of Greenling’s goals. They say that the use of organic growing products make the food tastes crisper because it allows for the food to strengthen its own flavors.

“Definitely better tasting and better for you, and I feel better eating organic,” Hendrix said.

Through its online ordering system, Greenling saves you the time and hassle of shopping for the food at the supermarket.

“It is also nice not to have to fight through a crowded grocery store to buy food for the week,” Loop said.

Since organic products do not have as many chemicals to keep them fresh longer, it is recommended that you eat the produce in about a week or two of purchase.

“It will go bad because it is, thankfully, lacking that outer coating of wax that conventional produce has to keep it fresher longer,” Loop said.

Greenling delivers every Wednesday at the Mood Atrium. To place an order you can go to their website, or you can talk to Dana Hendrix on how you can get started.

In order to continue this service on campus, 20 people must order for a delivery to be made.

“In the summertime, we fell below the minimum number of participants that Greenling requires so our deliveries stopped for the summer,” Hendrix said.

For this reason, anyone who enjoys eating organic, or those who just want to taste the difference, should participate.

There is a minimum 25-dollar weekly purchase required; however, you can combine orders to meet it. You may also not order one week to offset the cost.

“You can choose a predetermined box, like the local box with only whatever is in season and grown locally, or you can choose each item you want individually so you just get what you want and need,” Hendrix said.

If cost is a concern for you, Greenling offers discounts for people who live “green” or help the mother earth is some way. You get 10% off every time you refer a friend. You can also receive five dollars off your purchase if you drive a hybrid, power your home with green energy or share your stories on what you are doing to help the environment.

If you have any questions or would like more information about this program on campus, contact Dana Hendrix at

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