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  1. Sandra Pettit says:

    Are SU students registered and/or planning to vote in the upcoming presidential primary election? Would students benefit from a primer (i.e., series of articles) on election/voting procedures, candidates, issues, etc.? What are the common misunderstandings and false perceptions re voting/elections among students? i.e., Would students benefit from a series of election related articles with the purpose of informing/educating since this will be the first major presidential election when many college students are eligible to vote. e.g., How does one register to vote? Deadlines for registering? Where to vote? Voting procedures for students away at college? Vote in one or both primaries? Does the primary you vote in dictate your vote in the November election? Common SU misperceptions re candidates, election procedures, etc.

  2. Lane Hill says:

    We will be having a special article about that in a week or so.

  3. Lane Hill says:

    Oh, right. Yeah. This thing was written a bit while ago, so excuse my bad grammar.

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  5. Mark says:

    You shoul add more widgets.. i.e. video playback or more rss feed buttons. The rest of part is quite good. Theme seems to be from well known Revolution theme :)

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  7. Sarah says:

    is your staff information correct or is it still only updated as of August 2008?

  8. Lane Hill says:

    Unfortunately, it has not been updated yet. I’m waiting for a correct staff listing from a higher up.

  9. jocuri says:

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