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Women's Golf Team: Competing against the Ivy League

Written by Claire Booher. The Lady Pirate’s golf team has started off this year with a bang. The men and women’s golf teams were left without a practice course when SU took their 9-hole course down to a 6-hole course … Continue reading

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Racism & The Jena Six

Written By Hannah Yterdal Let’s play a quick game of Taboo. Okay, here we go. It has to do with color. It’s ugly. You can find it at any American high school. You can find it here on campus. It’s … Continue reading

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Segue Hacking Done By Foreigners for Fun

Written by Lane Hill It’s deja vu, all over again. Upperclassmen know that around this time last year, Segue was hacked. Well, it happened again, possibly by the same origin of people. Who would want to mess with SU anyway—a … Continue reading

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Keep Texas Beautiful!

Written by Giulia Giuffre Keep Texas Beautiful (KTB) is partnering with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to provide free supplies to any group interested in protecting their local waterways. Keep Texas Beautiful is a nonprofit organization affiliated with Keep … Continue reading

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First Issue of the Megaphone Online

It is also the issue of 9/27 – 10/04. At twilight, nature is not without loveliness, though perhaps its chief use is to illustrate quotations from the poets.-Oscar Wilde News: History Colloquium by Leslie Lube. Director for GLCA New York … Continue reading

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SU: A Party School

 Written by Brian Tidwell In the midst of an increasingly heated war against the rating system, Southwestern University has gained another honor, being named one of the nation’s top party schools. Any typical school would celebrate such an occasion with … Continue reading

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Grey Holiday Concert Review

Written by Hannah Yterdal When I first walked into the Cove last Wednesday night, September 26, to hear Grey Holiday for the first time, I was a little deterred by the meager turnout. No more than fifteen students were in … Continue reading

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SU Tennis Team

The SU tennis team has already had an active pre-season. The team started the year with a match against Howard-Payne in Brownwood on September 8. In Brownwood, the Howard-Payne Yellow Jackets overtook both the girls and boys teams by an … Continue reading

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Written by Meg Susong Dating in high school is one thing. And college? A whole different game (literally and figuratively). The location is different, the people are different, and ultimately, you end up different. So, in that sense, is it … Continue reading

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Joyous, Beautiful, and Free

Written by Boze Herrington I’ve always been impressed that Harry Potter wasn’t slightly more dysfunctional. In spite of the fact that he spent ten years of his life beneath the stairs within his wretched aunt and uncle’s house, you must … Continue reading

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On Commenting (Rules and Things)

Hello, your friendly neighborhood Web Editor here. If you plan to comment on an article, feel free to do so! However, here are a few rules to abide by: 1. Please post comments relevant to the article at hand. 2. … Continue reading

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Turn off Your Mind, Relax and Float Downstream

Written by Sam Allen Stress. It rhymes with “dress”, and it’s monosyllabic. It sucks. It’s so terrible that it makes Rice football look like NCAA championship material by comparison. It’s the bane of college students and responsible adults everywhere. It’s … Continue reading

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