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Who is Barbara Kingslover?

Written by Hannah Yterdal. What makes a great writer? Is it the number of books they sell? The messages they deliver? Their skill with words? Or their uncanny ability to examine humanity in a way that makes us re-examine ourselves? … Continue reading

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Cross Country Prepares for Conference

Written by Allen Smith. The SU Men’s and Women’s cross country teams have been working hard to prepare for the SCAC Conference Championships this Saturday at the SU Golf Course. The course features a steep 300-m hill that is sure … Continue reading

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Plastic Surgery: Becoming Barbie

Written by Regan Lemley Does the name Nicole Scherzinger ring any bells? If her name doesn’t, her face will. She’s the lead singer of raunchy pop group The Pussycat Dolls, and she is in ownership of the ideal American female … Continue reading

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Webcomics – Nerdy Fun Humor, or Something Everyone to Guffaw Over?

Written by Sam Allen Peanuts. Garfield. Family Circus. All of these cherished strips are regulars amongst the nation’s funny papers. Most of us have read one, if not all, and while we cherish the life lessons learned from Snoopy, it’s … Continue reading

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Happenings On Campus: 10/25 – 11/1

Thursday, October 25 SEAK’s Fall Earth Day – 1:00 to 4:00 pm on the Academic Mall. The Country Wife – Performance at 7 pm in Jesse and Mary Gibbs Jones Theater. Friday, October 26 The Country Wife – Performance at … Continue reading

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An Interview with Amy Tan

Written by Angelica Castillo and Tristine Baccam For this year’s The Writer’s Voice, the incredible novelist, Amy Tan, graced the campus community with an evening of high-spirited and comical insight into the life which has served as the inspiration for … Continue reading

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The Open Mic Night at Korouva

Written by Hannah Yterdal. Most of Southwestern wouldn’t believe it necessary for Korouva and its frequenters to prove even more definitively their status as the liberal indie presence on campus. The students announced its opening by banging on drums, because … Continue reading

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SU Pirates Swimming Team

You’ve seen them walking around campus… the ones with ice packs strapped to them, sopping wet hair and an overall appearance of fatigue. However, they are also the ones who sit in the far side of the Commons and can … Continue reading

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Oral Male Contraceptives: Move Over, Condom!

Written by Meg Susong. Ever since the 1960’s, when birth control pills became a widespread option for women in America, women have been able to control and protect themselves more efficiently. Of course, there were condoms, but those relied on … Continue reading

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Do SU Students Illegally Share Files?

Written by Caitlyn Buckley. The results of a recently conducted poll show that SU students overwhelmingly favor the legalization of file sharing. More than 87 percent of the poll-takers believe that file sharing should be legal. File sharing is defined … Continue reading

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The Country Wife Preview

Written by Leslie Lube.At the end of October, the Sarofim School of Fine Arts will present William Wycherley’s Restoration comedy “The Country Wife” in the Jones Theatre. Between October 24 and 28 there will be five performances: one at 7:00 … Continue reading

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SU Radio Gets Moving

Written by Leslie Lube SU may soon offer students a medium through which they can do such things as share music, express their political views or listen to the morning news. Students Kaitlyn Dennis and Alex Rutledge are working with … Continue reading

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