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Student Life

Student Organizations: Scholastic

These student organizations are scholastic or honorary based on academic performance in academic disciplines.

Alpha Chi

Contact: Hayley Hamilton
Advisor: Kerry Bruns
Purpose: a national undergraduate scholarship society whose objectives are the stimulation and recognition of scholarship.

Alpha Epsilon Delta

Contact: Zach Jenner
Advisor Kerry Bruns
Purpose: a pre-health honor society that stimulates an appreciation of the importance of pre-health education in the study of medicine.

Alpha Kappa Delta

Advisor: Sandi Nenga
Purpose: to promote an interest in the study of Sociology, research of social problems, and other such social and intellectual activities as will leade to improvement in the human condition.

Alpha Lambda Delta

Contact: Christopher Adams
Advisor: Katy Ross
Purpose: to encourage superior academic achievement among students in their first year and beyond; to promote intelligent living, and a continued high standard or learning and service to the community.

Beta Beta Beta

Contact: Kyrie Cassin
Advisor: Rebecca Sheller
Purpose: an honor and professional society for students of the biological sciences.

Kappa Delta Pi

Contact: Nancy Juarez
Advisor: Kathryn Prater
Purpose: an honor society which promotes excellence in and recognizes outstanding contributions to education.

Lambda Pi Eta

Contact: Kendal Buechler
Advisor: Davi Thornton
Purpose: an honor society which recognizes, fosters and rewards outstanding scholastic achievement in communication studies.

Omicron Delta Kappa

Contact: Eleanor O’Neill
Advisor: Jaime Woody
Purpose: to recognize outstanding junior and senior student leaders, who are academically in the top third of their class and are recognized for their leadership and exemplary character.

Phi Beta Kappa

Advisor: Alex Anderson
Web Site: link
Purpose: a national honor society that recognizes high scholarly achievement in the liberal arts and sciences.

Pi Delta Phi

Contact: Natalie Jordan
Advisor: Aaron Prevots
Purpose: to recognize outstanding scholarship in French language.

Pi Kappa Lambda

Advisor: Eri Lee Lam
Purpose: to recognize the highest levels of musical achievement and academic scholarship in colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher learning which must offer music degree programs in one or more fields.

Pi Mu Epsilon

Contact: Robert Lehr
Advisor: Alison Marr
Purpose: promotion of scholarly activity in mathematics among students at S.U.

Pi Sigma Alpha

Contact: Ashley Johnson
Advisor: Tim O’Neill
Purpose: a national political science honor society which offers an opportunity to discuss political issues and events.

Psi Chi

Contact: Samantha Sada
Advisor: Jacqueline Muir-Broaddus
Purpose: a national honor society in psychology which encourages, stimulates, and maintains scholarship and advancement of psychology.

Sigma Delta Pi

Contact: Emily Patterson
Advisor: William Christiansen
Purpose: a national Spanish honor society recognizing academic achievements.

Sigma Tau Delta

Advisor: Jim Kilfoyle
Purpose: to confer distinction for high achievement in English language and literature, to provide cultural stimulation on campus and promote interest in literature, to foster all aspects of the English discipline and literacy, and to provide a stimulating environment for those interested in literature.

Upsilon Pi Epsilon

Contact: Paris Nelson
Advisor: Barbara Anthony
Purpose: the promotion of high scholarship and original investigation in the field of computer and information science.