When I went into recruitment freshman year, I was extremely nervous. I didn’t know a whole lot of people and everyone had been asking me if I was rushing my sister’s sorority (which happened to be ΑΔΠ). Most of the girls I did know from my sports team were in another particular sorority and it was common for girls on the team to join that sorority. I was very conflicted.

The first night of Recruitment, the ΑΔΠ party stuck out the most to me. I immediately felt like I’d already known many of the girls for a long time. They were excited to meet Sarah’s little sister, but none of them treated me like I wasn’t my own person. The second night I was still nervous, but was comforted by the fact that the ADPi’s actually ate the food they had out! Though I was still nervous going into the third day, day two is when I really started to feel at home. The Preference ceremony didn’t make me feel awkward or out of place. I felt like I was one of their sisters already.


Being in ΑΔΠ has been one of the biggest highlights of my college career so far and I expect it’ll always be one of the best parts of my life. I loved getting to officially be “double” sisters with Sarah, and getting a whole new group of sisters and friends. These girls are always there for me and I can’t imagine what it’d be like without them.


- Carrie H., Z '11

When I did decided to go through recruitment, I made a pact with my two best friends that we would go to the same sorority. However, once recruitment started, I found that my heart belonged to a different sorority than theirs did. My heart belonged with the women of ΑΔΠ.


With ΑΔΠ, I realized that I didn't have to try to impress anyone. I could be myself and they loved me for it. My two friends and I did end up going to different sororities, but we are happy for one another. They found their home, and I found mine.


- Sarah P., Z '11


Before coming to Southwestern, I knew that I wanted to find a group of girls to support me and help me grow. I considered the idea of going through recruitment, but was not sure if it was the right thing for me. In my previous years, I occasionally had trouble making friends and was never one to hang out with large groups of girls.

During my first semester at Southwestern, I decided to give Mock Formal Recruitment a try to ensure that I wanted to go through Formal Recruitment. Even after Mock Recruitment, I did not have a clear idea of which sorority I wanted to join.

While keeping my mind open to other options during Formal Recruitment, I felt that my heart belonged to Alpha Delta Pi during the second night of recruitment. That night I met many women who not only shared similar interests and values as myself, but also made me feel appreciated for who I am. Receiving a bid from ΑΔΠ was definitely a highlight of my first year at Southwestern, and the sisterhood has helped me gain confidence and grow into who I am today.


- Maya D., Z’12