The college experience can be full of ups and downs.  Having close friends at your side during these moments, celebrating and sharing in your experiences, is just one of the benefits of our sisterhood.  The ties of sisterhood are unique, run deep, and last a lifetime.  From Bid Day forward, our new sisters are welcomed into our close bond.

ΑΔΠ never refers to its newest members as “pledges.”  They are Alphas, the Greek word for beginning.  Alphas participate in an education program, which is a time not only for learning about the history and organization of Alpha Delta Pi, but also for building and strengthening the lifelong bonds of sisterhood.  Alphas form deep friendships with other members of their Alpha class and within the sorority as a whole during this process.

Each Alpha sister gets a big sister, called a Diamond Sister.  Many ΑΔΠ sisters feel that their Diamond Sister is one of their closest friends in the chapter.  A chain of Diamond Sisters form a Diamond Family, a tight-knit unit of sisterly love.  Diamond Families get together for lunches and dinners to celebrate different occasions and help guide our sisters through the different stages of membership.

Alpha Delta Pi has a strict no hazing policy.  Members will never be asked to do anything that embarrasses them or that makes them uncomfortable.  Another great part of the Alpha process is the chance to become an officer even as a new member!  Being an officer is a wonderful way to get more involved and to get to know sisters better.

Our initiated collegiate sisters are referred to as Delta sisters.  As a Delta member, sisters continue to develop the bonds of sisterhood through the many events of ΑΔΠ.  As you look around the Southwestern campus, you’ll see ΑΔΠ sisters in leadership positions in various organizations and volunteering on campus and in the community. Whatever they are doing, ΑΔΠs always seem to be having fun.  One of the main benefits of being a part of the ΑΔΠ fellowship is the joy of sharing your adventures with your sisters.

Our hope is to show you these moments that bond Alpha Delta Pi sisters and that make us a unique breed of women.  Our open motto, “We Live For Each Other” is the very foundation of ΑΔΠ sisterhood.  Alumnae sisters, or Pi members, express their love for ΑΔΠ by continuing to volunteer their time for individual chapters and through alumnae associations.  They still discuss the friends they made as Alphas, Deltas and still maintain as Pi members.  ΑΔΠ alumnae truly live the vow of lifelong sisterhood and graciously pass their legacy onto us, the future generation of Alpha Delta Pi.  Zeta Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi has a unique individuality thanks to the fabulous women that it brings together in the halls of Southwestern University.

Sisters Having a Pick-Nick on the Mall

Sisters Studying Together

A Diamond Family on Bid Night